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Welcome to my Gear page! I will be sharing with you the current gear I am using in words, photos, and video. This page is under construction as of now but I will be adding content shortly. In the meantime, check out the new Adam Lopez Special from Midnight30 Music! 

This pedal was designed by Joshua Eiler of Midnight30 Music. It's based on his popular Midnight30 OD pedal with a tweak or two to suit what I do. Channel 1 is like the OD30 with a switch to choose between clipping diodes or no clipping diodes. This gives you the option of a clean boost or a very transparent overdrive.

Channel 2 features both options with a very cool 3rd option: an alternate set of diodes which emulate more of a fuzz tone. However, unlike a 70's style classic rock/hard rock fuzz you might think of, it reminds me of some very early fuzz tones as heard by the likes of Grady Martin back in the "good ol' days".

Depending upon your guitar and amp settings, it also reminds me of a lo-fi Junior Barnard type of dirtiness that I LOVE. With the option to run either channel at anytime with any of the clipping settings available, it's extremely versatile. It's built by hand and no corners were cut. It's only top shelf components and craftsmanship. 

And while it's very transparent, it really fills out your tone and makes your overall sound much bigger. The artwork is by Hellbilly Mike. 

Joshua and I are working on a production version as well, so you too will be able to own a version of the Adam Lopez Special soon!

Please visit: Midnight30 Music by clicking HERE!