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Licks & Tricks

Lickity Splits: Double Stops Over "A"

So here is a new concept I'm working on: Short and sweet video lessons that are void of talking about the piece and more about just giving you a starting point to take and make your own.

These will be (primarily at least) licks that are more anchored to a specific chord and not necessarily a key. Why? Because I find these kinds of licks to be extremely versatile for improvisation and as springboards for creativity. 

This particular lick is over an A chord. So you may find it works great in more than just the obvious key of A. The key of E, the key of D, the key of G, ...etc etc... 

You may find that it's a great starting point for another run you like to use, or as a transition from the 1 chord to the 4 chord...or maybe the 2 chord to the 5 chord....or...?

You may dig deeper into the harmonies implied by the double stops and figure out other avenues to explore with the basic outline of the idea.

I encourage you to dig deep and really see how many variables and ideas you can get out of this extremely short piece of music. I also encourage you to share your takes. 

You can respond here in the comments section , in the comments section of my YouTube channel, or even email me directly via the contact tab.





Grad Graisley lick in G

Here's another one I more or less made up. To me, it's most definitely a Paisley style lick but I didn't really swipe it from any one source. It's more a combo of things I've seen that make up some of Paisley style: key of G, open first position strings, legato stylings, and outside notes. This one includes a behind the nut bend for good measure. Enjoy yourself and please leave comments below!



Eddy Shaver style over E-zy

Here's one similar to what Eddy Shaver plays at towards the end of the 2nd verse in Billly Joe Shaver's Georgia On A Fast Train. I love Eddy's style and there doesn't seem to be very much online that details it, so here you go. Enjoy!


Brad Paisley'esque Lick in C

Welcome to the first installment of the "Licks & Tricks" page. I decided to start this lesson blog as a way for me to keep some of my homemade licks, tricks, and other discoveries organized. I also thought it would be a great way to share some random guitar playing ideas with anyone and everyone wanting to explore some of my material. Partially inspired by Carl Verheyen's "lick book", I figured this a great way for me to archive ideas as I tend to forget them when I don't. If you have Guitar Pro 6 software, you will find a lot of these entries useful, if you don't, I highly recommend it whether you're following this blog or not. I may also post video lessons here from time to time. Enjoy!

Here's my first lick installment. It's by no means an actual Brad Paisley riff (that I know of), but I referenced him in the title because in certain aspects it reminds me of his style. It's not as quirky or sarcastic as I often find his licks, but it's very much in the same vein. However, I think many people will find this a much easier alternative to exploring that side of country guitar than many of Brad's actual licks. Hope you diggit!



And one at 150 bpm ;)


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