Adam Lopez & His Rhythm Review
Adam Lopez & His Rhythm Review


Maybe there’s another way to get where you wanna go.

But I’d rather take the blame and stick to my moral code.

Baby, that’s alright. I’ll take the hits. And stick to my guns when I feel what’s right.

Hold my ground I’m prepared to fight. 

I’ll raise my Ruckus strong with her head held high.


Don’t be scared of another day. Welcome your new unknown.

Sometimes it won’t go your way. Don’t compromise your old soul.

Baby that’s alright; you can take the hits.

Stick to your guns when you feel what’s right. Hold your ground it’s OK to fight.

I’ve raised my Ruckus strong with her head held high.


You can take it all away. Say what you need to say. 

You don’t need no steppin’ stones to reach your heights.

When the dead weights fall aside, you’ll be left with your strength and pride.

I’m proud of you Ruckus. Damn. What a ride!


If there was another way; you still got where you needed to go.

Accepting all your blame, you stuck to your moral code.

Baby, that’s alright; you made the hits.

You stuck to your guns when you thought it was right. 

You held your ground you were ready to fight.

Our Ruckus grew up strong with her head held high!

Official Ameripolitan Artist



2017 Nominee:

"Rockabilly Male"

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  • 07/01/2017
    Star Bar - Denver, CO
  • 07/15/2017
    Boar & Bull - Loveland, CO
  • 07/24/2017
    Blue Plate Special at the WDVX Studios - Knoxville, TN

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