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Take These Chains (From My Whiskey)

Adam Lopez & His Rhythm Review
Adam Lopez


I sense a breakdown coming and I just spilled whiskey on my shirt. 
This is the last time I serve my heart up to you to hurt. 
And now my whiskey bottle's running dry, and I no longer believe you when you cry. 
Well we've played these games one too many times before. 

And now you're trying to lead me down that road. 
Where your true intentions, they show. 
You got me right back where you want me to be. 
I was blind, but now I see. 
And you ain't gonna be playing these games with me. 
And I ain't gonna be playing your blind man no more. 

And I tried before to let you go. 
But I just can't let you alone. 
My patience and my wallet, they're running thin. 
And now the cost of whiskey's going up. 
The more I deal with you, the more I need to get drunk. 
But that ain't no way for neither of us to live.

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