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Brand manager Anony Mouse


Some new logo silhouettes from our recently hired brand manager! I think some new stickers are in order!


Henriksen Amplifiers


I stopped by Henriksen Amplifiers to test out their AMAZING amp for acoustic artists called The Bud. 2 channels of AWESOME tone. I have heard and played plenty of tiny amps that put out a lot of sound, but nothing of this quality before. This rivals any amp I've ever tried regardless of size when it comes to tone. My guitar sounded absolutely perfect through it with all the EQ settings at 0. Mind blowing that it's so tiny! That's The Bud next to my left foot. All sound (guitar and vocals) are coming from it!



Music this week?


I've been great, how are YOU!?


It's been a wonderful and busy summer season! I just wanted to give thanks to all the venues, events, booking agents, venue owners and staff, and of course the musicians who've been on Team Lopez ! Thanks so much!

I keep running into people who notice how busy we've been and how little we've had a chance to stop and chat or hang out, or how we keep missing one another in passing. So I wanted to take a brief moment away from putting in the work behind the scenes and say hello and thank you to everyone!

Looking forward to the fall and winter seasons and hope to continue bringing you some fine honky tonk music!

If anyone would like to book us or me, or would like to see us in specific venues or towns, please holler at me so we can do our best to make it happen!

I hope everyone is well!

My Audio Diary


Here's a new thing I've started to help me get in the habit of recording regularly. Not for release, or aiming to capture magic moments, but to motivate myself to get into a habit that allows me to work on a variety of skills at once while also prepping for a new album I have in mind. A solo acoustic/vocal record that ties together the songwriting and delivery of the classic country music era (to me the mid 50's to late 60's) with the solo lone pre-war blues man approach. Play it with feeling and intent, and let it be what it is. These demo recordings are a starting point in that process for me. Finding sounds. Trying out different recording techniques. Developing a work flow so that once I get things where I want them and inspiration strikes, the album will record itself.

I hope you enjoy!


Texas On My Mind!


Hey Denver!


Denver This Week!


Back to Texas...


Adam Lopez Tu´


Had some fun recording some demos with Mark on upright bass and my new archtop acoustic guitar!

Spotify: Adam Lopez & The San Joaquin Valley Boys

Spotify: Adam Lopez & His Rhythm Review

Spotify: Adam Lopez

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