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I know I've been slow with site updates (again!), but life is just so beautiful and fun, sometimes it's easy to drop the ball on "work" :)

My apologies!

Please check out the new site look and see the updated calendar!

Lots of new things in the works, including plans for a solo (acoustic?) album featuring all new original tunes! I'm considering a return trip to Cinderella Studios in Nashville to cut it live. If the solo shows are any indication, I feel like you all will enjoy and support the new songs and presentation. Thank you all so very much for the support!

Lots of upcoming dates are on the calendar including a number of solo shows, so if you are interested in what those new tunes sound like, come on out to an upcoming acoustic show!

Wishing everyone well and enjoy your summer!


I sometimes wonder: how many artists ever feel that they've shown their absolute best? Not just your best on any given day (I always give my best on any given day), but the apex of your talents, hard-work, creativity, and presentation. That right time and place where an audience is able to share in your moment with you.

How many artists really feel they've gotten to experience what that might feel like?

I realize it's not something quantifiable and that it's subjective on many levels, but I guess my point in asking is that I imagine it comes with a bit of inner peace for the artist.

I know that deep down in my being that no one has ever experienced my best moments as a guitarist, singer, or performer. Although, I don't even consider myself a singer or a performer, so there's no inner conflict there for me.

I know the best I've ever picked a guitar, there was no one around to see or hear it. I was barely there myself, at least mentally/emotionally... I was in that other realm. One I can't fully explain . One I can't Google for directions to. It comes to you, you don't go to it.

That's an interesting thought for me to ponder after all these years. After some 35 years, to feel that you haven't shown your best; it's an interesting thought.

I'm not here to judge it, just to recognize that it's something that comes to mind occasionally.

All that to say, if you'd like to be around should that unicorn make an appearance this coming week and share in it together, then check out this week's shows in Colorado!

Thursday is my monthly residency at the Owl Saloon on E. Colfax in Denver. An extremely fun show that keeps growing every month! The music starts at 5 pm

Friday, come on out to New Belgium in Fort Collins! This is our 4th ? time there and the crowds have been awesome. Of course, you can count of great beer as well!

Saturday, come celebrate the Kentucky Derby with us as the Bar Car in Denver. Their annual Derby Party is huge! We'll be playing at 4 pm.

You can catch us for a late show at our home base: The Star Bar off 21st and Larimer in Denver about 10pm.

Come chase unicorns with us!



I don't remember why, but the thought crossed my mind again this week. Why do I do what I do? Why not have a 'normal' life? Why not have more reliable income (although I have to think I have it really good when I hear most musicians talk about money)? Why put up with the non stop job (gig) hunting? Why continue to chase booking agents, talent buyers, bar managers, etc when they don't generally give you the same courtesy by returning emails, phone calls, or texts? Why?

Why put SO much into something with your heart and soul that, if you let it, will eat at you from the inside out. That nagging, negative voice that it so hard to shake. The days, weeks, months on the road away from home. The constant feeling that you never really get paid what you know you're worth.

Why 'keep on keeping on' ?

I'm not doing it for me. I'm doing it for music lovers. Honestly, I don't really care to be the center of attention. I'm not a social butterfly. I HATE having my photo taken. I don't really care to have all eyes on me. It's not my personality and it's not my motivation.

The amount of effort it takes to keep the ship afloat can consume you. It's a very selfish pursuit most of the time. It takes you away from friends and family often and doesn't always reveal a good reason why it has done so.

So again, I ask 'why'?

I'll tell you why. Because I'm compelled to do so. It's true, I don't do it for me. I am just as happy, if not more, just sitting around at home pickin' guitar and singing tunes to myself or my wife. Sometimes the dog. That's really enough for me.

But I'm compelled to share it. I'm compelled to carry on a tradition that I was taught was a gift. I'm compelled to do my darndest to make people feel the way my Grandma Lina made people feel when they were guests in her home.

I'm compelled to feel that feeling I could only imagine when she would tell me about her youth and the singing and the dancing that made her so happy.

I'm compelled to do my best to recreate that feeling I can see on my Granpa Adam's face when he tells me about growing up in the old neighborhood in San Antonio. Poor. Dirt floors. Going to school with no shoes. But how at night they'd sneak out to go hear music coming from the honky tonks and jook joints across town and just how amazing that music was.

I'm compelled to reach that level of joy that my Grandpa Carmen had when near the end of his life, like a child with a new toy, he showed me all his latest percussion instruments he'd bought and how he was still playing them in the Church band.

Because I think of all the chaos of my childhood and how music soothed me. It took me to other worlds. It saved me from a 'normal' life.

It saved me from the fear of not having reliable income. I mean, no one's job is really reliable anyway. We only THINK we have security in this life, let alone in a job.

It saved me from being too lazy, timid, or shy to job (gig) hunt everyday. It made me tough. Immune to the unreturned emails, phone calls, texts, and rejection.

It gave me a voice that's stronger and more powerful than the negative nagging one that sometimes barks at me.

It gave me the endurance to 'keep on keeping on'.

It gave me the work ethic to make the most of my gift so that my selfishness is not in vain.

Music is powerful and if I can make other people feel good, happy, and get them dancing, then I feel good. I'm happy.

So thank you music lovers and fellow musicians, as another great week of music is on the horizon!


Join us as we debut at the Rackhouse Pub!

"Lucky Old Colorado" is a song written by Bakersfield legend Red Simpson and recorded by Merle Haggard.


I first moved to Colorado at the end of 2011 from Tulsa, OK. Unlike my usual M.O. I did no research before the move. I didn't inquire about a music scene. I reached out to a few musicians about playing together, but I didn't necessarily know if that would mean for fun, or to continue the career that Tulsa had kick started for me.

I grew up as much an athlete/outdoors type as a musician and by the end of 2011, I needed to get back outside. I needed the mountains that I dreamed of living in since childhood. I needed consistently good weather and sunshine for my soul and health, which frankly, was in the toilet around that time.

I figured a few scenarios would work out: I could continue my career by focusing solely on road work and returning to Colorado in my downtime, I could get a day job and play when I could, or I could just start a new life working in the sporting world as I'd done part time here and there over the years.

Turns out Colorado has not only fantastic musicians to work with, but amazing and supportive music lovers and venues alike.

I truly had no idea what I was in for but I am beyond grateful for what I've found here.

Tulsa led to me planting roots into places like Arkansas and got me my start working in Texas; which besides being a familial home, has become a musical home for me as well.

However these days, I'm basically a full time Colorado resident and I'm super happy and grateful for that.

The support here has been overwhelming at times and I just want to let everyone know that. I'm extremely happy to be here and I feel at home here now. The last few months of shows our crowds have been continually becoming more and more awesome.

Folks coming out FOR us. Dancing and drinking in the best way possible. Strangers singing along to songs I wrote even. It blows my mind when I take a step back and think about life here in Colorado now.

Thank you for the support Colorado. It's an honor to be a 'local' musician here and to serve the music lovers, dancers, and venues that are so generous to me and the San Joaquin Valley Boys.



Howdy friends!

Our princess has a wonderful opportunity for her first trip to Europe! She'll be going with some classmates and teachers from her high school.

I've given her my word that she IS indeed going, so this is NOT me asking for a handout, donation, or charity (although anyone wanting to help for sake of it is welcome to), but simply another way for me to help her out.

Music is what I know and do best, so why not continue our holiday special for fellow music lovers while helping make our baby girl happy and giving her something that I could only dream of when I was her age!?

Thanks to everyone for the support all these years and if you or someone you know likes honky tonk/rockabilly/rock&roll music, this might be just the deal you're looking for!

Supplies are very limited, so please email me asap to reserve your copies!

Much love,


We can't wait for this party!


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