Back In The Groove....

After halting studio time to prepare for last Saturday's show, I'm getting back in the groove to finish to album. Many thanks to everyone that came out to show support @ Shades Of Brown. I had a good time, and so far, I've only been able to listen to a few of the tracks we recorded, but they sound great. Big ups to my boy Roc for coming out to support and record the show. So now it's back to the studio..but keep your eyes and ears peeled....I may be back on stage sooner than I planned...possibly this Tuesday night to do a set @ The Rivers Edge and on Oct. 11th in Brookside (both Tulsa, OK). I'll let you all know the details as I get them, but now it's back to finish "Stranded.." Peace, Adam P.S. AS LONG AS YOU'RE HERE, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK AND ADD YOURSELF TO THE EMAIL LIST!

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