Adam Lopez


Our month long tour of Belgium and the Netherlands winds up this weekend with two more Netherlands dates. It's been a mind blowing experience. Writing about it, I'm not sure I can convey the magnitude or special place it's found in my life just yet. The more of the world I see, the more I want to see. People are beautiful. We are so very different yet so very much the same. 

It's something I could only dream of growing up. To see my dreams come to fruition because of that old guitar; it's a blessing. It's validation that chasing that feeling I get on the inside so that I could share it with people on the outside; all the time spent, sacrifices, casualties along the way, the good times, the frustrating times, all of it; it's been more than worth it. 

I'm a very very fortunate and I can't wait to see what the future holds. More hard work. More sacrifice. More learning. More surprises. 

I'm sure the music I make in the future will continue to reflect my version of life, only now there is more of it to share. Until then, please head over to the "Photos" page or CLICK HERE and see some of my snap shots.


One love.



2015-09-05 07:07:35 - Victoria Nelson Beckel
Hey Adam! I am so impressed with your music and success -- so happy that the sweet boy I knew followed his heart and dreams. I've loved seeing your European tour photos-- almost feel like I've been there. Thanks for sharing. Have a safe journey home and I will definitely come watch your show soon!
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