Live from The Owl Saloon in Denver, CO



Lucky Old Colorado


"Lucky Old Colorado" is a song written by Bakersfield legend Red Simpson and recorded by Merle Haggard.


I first moved to Colorado at the end of 2011 from Tulsa, OK. Unlike my usual M.O. I did no research before the move. I didn't inquire about a music scene. I reached out to a few musicians about playing together, but I didn't necessarily know if that would mean for fun, or to continue the career that Tulsa had kick started for me.

I grew up as much an athlete/outdoors type as a musician and by the end of 2011, I needed to get back outside. I needed the mountains that I dreamed of living in since childhood. I needed consistently good weather and sunshine for my soul and health, which frankly, was in the toilet around that time.

I figured a few scenarios would work out: I could continue my career by focusing solely on road work and returning to Colorado in my downtime, I could get a day job and play when I could, or I could just start a new life working in the sporting world as I'd done part time here and there over the years.

Turns out Colorado has not only fantastic musicians to work with, but amazing and supportive music lovers and venues alike.

I truly had no idea what I was in for but I am beyond grateful for what I've found here.

Tulsa led to me planting roots into places like Arkansas and got me my start working in Texas; which besides being a familial home, has become a musical home for me as well.

However these days, I'm basically a full time Colorado resident and I'm super happy and grateful for that.

The support here has been overwhelming at times and I just want to let everyone know that. I'm extremely happy to be here and I feel at home here now. The last few months of shows our crowds have been continually becoming more and more awesome.

Folks coming out FOR us. Dancing and drinking in the best way possible. Strangers singing along to songs I wrote even. It blows my mind when I take a step back and think about life here in Colorado now.

Thank you for the support Colorado. It's an honor to be a 'local' musician here and to serve the music lovers, dancers, and venues that are so generous to me and the San Joaquin Valley Boys.




A Princess in Europe


Howdy friends!

Our princess has a wonderful opportunity for her first trip to Europe! She'll be going with some classmates and teachers from her high school.

I've given her my word that she IS indeed going, so this is NOT me asking for a handout, donation, or charity (although anyone wanting to help for sake of it is welcome to), but simply another way for me to help her out.

Music is what I know and do best, so why not continue our holiday special for fellow music lovers while helping make our baby girl happy and giving her something that I could only dream of when I was her age!?

Thanks to everyone for the support all these years and if you or someone you know likes honky tonk/rockabilly/rock&roll music, this might be just the deal you're looking for!

Supplies are very limited, so please email me asap to reserve your copies!

Much love,



NYE with Brent Loveday of Reno Divorce!


We can't wait for this party!



The Holidaze Trifecta!



Perfect Imperfections: An Audio Diary


I've started over with this audio diary. I wanted to up the quality of the recordings and also make them more consistent from song to song. I think we're off to a good start! Tunes from  Bob Wills, Fuzzy Owen, Harlan Howard, and Ernest Tubb! More to follow soon. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!




Brand manager Anony Mouse


Some new logo silhouettes from our recently hired brand manager! I think some new stickers are in order!



Henriksen Amplifiers


I stopped by Henriksen Amplifiers to test out their AMAZING amp for acoustic artists called The Bud. 2 channels of AWESOME tone. I have heard and played plenty of tiny amps that put out a lot of sound, but nothing of this quality before. This rivals any amp I've ever tried regardless of size when it comes to tone. My guitar sounded absolutely perfect through it with all the EQ settings at 0. Mind blowing that it's so tiny! That's The Bud next to my left foot. All sound (guitar and vocals) are coming from it!




Music this week?



I've been great, how are YOU!?


It's been a wonderful and busy summer season! I just wanted to give thanks to all the venues, events, booking agents, venue owners and staff, and of course the musicians who've been on Team Lopez ! Thanks so much!

I keep running into people who notice how busy we've been and how little we've had a chance to stop and chat or hang out, or how we keep missing one another in passing. So I wanted to take a brief moment away from putting in the work behind the scenes and say hello and thank you to everyone!

Looking forward to the fall and winter seasons and hope to continue bringing you some fine honky tonk music!

If anyone would like to book us or me, or would like to see us in specific venues or towns, please holler at me so we can do our best to make it happen!

I hope everyone is well!