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Solo tour/House Concerts

Back in the early days of learning how to sing and write songs, I cut my teeth on the coffee house/singer-songwriter scene that was BOOMING around Southern California at the time.

I miss those days! 

I'm currently working on booking solo shows (when the trio isn't working) and am interested in potentially doing full tours around the solo project.

If you are a venue owner/booking agent, have favorite venues in mind that you'd like to see me at, OR if you're interested in hosting your own house concert, please drop me a line!



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A Story & A Song: Heartaches, Time Takes

2018 Ameripolitan Nominations

The 1st ever NOLA Ameripolitan Fest and TEXAS!

Bravo Mr. Jimi Palacios for making his first ever Ameripolitan Festival in New Orleans a smashing success! It was an honor to take part and to share the weekend with so many wonderful folks and music! Check out the "Photos" page for some snap shots and video clips!

Starting this Wed, we'll be doing a 5 night Texas run! Please catch a show and support live, independent Ameripolitan music!

A Friendly Reminder

Getting Close!



Just a time out to say THANK YOU for all the support on the new project! We are at 42% of our goal as of today and we have 37 days to go. The music is being mixed and our spirits are high! I really think we captured something special at Cinderella Studios. We cut live as a band and the music is full of heart and soul. This music was made the old school way and for that I am extremely proud. For musicians to walk in and play a tune once or twice and walk out feeling great about it is not always an easy thing to go through. There can be a lot of pressure to perform in a studio environment. Everyone handled their business with the utmost care and professionalism and I'm very honored to work with such talent and first class human beings. Please head on over to the Pledgemusic campaign by clicking HERE and pre-order your copy of the new E.P. and maybe another for a fellow music lover ;) With your pre-order you will get your Access Pass with some behind the scenes footage and more that is only available to those who are part of the campaign. I hope y'awl are well and thank you for your support!!! ~Adam

This week in Colorado + THANK YOUS!!!!!

We just got back from Nashville and it was an AMAZING trip! We played 4 wonderful shows to fantastic audiences and we cut 4 tunes live at the legendary Cinderella Studios with Wayne Moss, Robert Lucas, and the legendary steep guitarist: Lloyd Green!

Head on over to to find out more and to pre-order your copy of the new project!!!

Meanwhile...back in Colorado....

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