Happy New Year

Hi everyone~ It's been awhile since an update. The holidays sure seem to put life on hold outside of the holiday festivities. Even when you don't intend for them to do so it seems. Happy New Year to everyone. I wish everyone and prosperous and peaceful year for '07 and every year before or since. The band and I have been working on new songs. I've a ton of new songs written and I'm slowly teaching them to the boys and we're recording demos of them. They've been making me feel good inside~ I can't wait to share them. I hope you all want to hear them as bad I want you to hear them. Anyone else notice a strange trend with this band? Every time it seems we have a show, the weather likes to make an appearance. Strange how that works. Maybe we should plan a world tour around nations and regions that suffer from droughts. It's all good though. We're going to keep bringing it and we hope that you all keep caring. Peace, Adam

YouTube URL

Here's the updated url over at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/adamlopezmusic Also, check out my photo work : http://adamlopez.zenfolio.com PEace, Adam

Now on YouTube.com

I've started a page over at YouTube for all you video fans. I'll be using it for various types of clips, from live performances, to interviews, to my new video diary which will follow the creation and recording of the next album. Hope you enjoy! Peace, Adam

The next chapter...

...has officially begun. The Goddesses have spoken and my soul has listened. Tonight, recording for the next album has officially began! Peace, Adam

SNOW and Mo' !

We just received our first snowfall of the season...not sure of the official numbers, but we got a LOT. Very cool. Hope everyone everywhere is well and happy. Some great shows are coming up. Check out the calendar. Tonight we're at the Continental and next week I'll have the priviledge of opening up for Ian Moore again. Also, it's not yet been added to the calendar but I'll be opening up for Full Flava and P.M. Dawn on the 9th of Dec. And lastly, if you're a photography fan, check out my new website: Http://adamlopez.zenfolio.com Hope you enjoy~ Peace, Adam

The Guestbook is closed~

Hey all, I'm sorry to say I've had to remove my guestbook on this site due to spammers! It sucks. And I thank you all who've signed it with some really kind words, but the spammers are killing it. You can always email me though. If you don't know my email, it's listed under 'contact'. It's ALWAYS open to everyone~ Except spammers. Peace, Adam

Live w/ T.C. of the Grateful Dead!

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Halloween with the ALB

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Just wanted to give thanks to everyone for their support lately. Lot's of great shows and times with friends; old and new ~ Much love. Peace, Adam p.s. Here's some photos from last Friday night's show at the Continental courtesy of the Queen: Celeste. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting That's the one and only Rocky Frisco sitting in on keys with Brandon Holder, Rigney, and I...not famliar? Look that cat up~ Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tulsa this Friday~

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