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And on we roll...

Glad to be home from New Mexico and the Hyperactive Fest. Had a good time and was honored to be one of the few artists asked to perform. Many thanks to Allie and the crew. July is looking to be full of goodness already. I'll be performing in Tulsa pretty much every weekend in July and will be glad to be home for a bit after all the traveling as of late. Hope everyone's well and if you're in Tulsa in July, come out and catch a show. Peace, Adam

Pholk SoulJah, Tulsa, and I&I

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Good news Flash!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am this weeks Featured Artist on iROK Radio. Please check out this week's show. You'll hear 2 tracks from the new CD "Stranded In Babylon" and be allowed to vote once a day for the Song of the Week, which if we stand up strong and vote as many times as possible, will go on to Song of the Month before going on to win Song of the Year ;) You'll also learn how to win yourself a free copy of Stranded In Babylon from iRok Radio. Also, Please check out my other blogs ( I still need everyone's input for what to name my new guitar, as well as help choosing which track to include on the DFest ( ) compilation CD. Hope everyone's well. Peace, Adam

Stranded In Babylon now available, and other cool news~

The new album is now up for sale! Buy the CD
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Also, I've been selected as a featured artist to appear on the DiversaFest compilation CD! I"m honored. Peace, Adam

DiversaFest '06

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I've been invited to perform at this year's DiversaFest! Located right here in Tulsa, OK DiversaFest, like the Hyperactive Fest, is a South By Southwest style festival and music conference. Lots of live music, music industry big wigs, and fun. Lots of fun ~ July 7th-8th

CD Release

Party #1 is schedule for Friday May 12th @ the Gypsy in downtown Tulsa. It will be one of the few local shows where I make a solo acoustic performance.....the band is about ready to pounce! Hope to see there. PEace, Adam

Hyperactive Magazine Music Fest n Conference

We did it!!! The Hyperactive Mag. Music Fest/Conference is June 8-10th in Albuquerque, NM and I've been selected to attend/perform!! Many thanks to everyone for sending a shout out to the magazine on my behalf. Y'all make it possible for me to live this sweet life and I appreciate it greatly. Stay tuned for the details as well as the CD release info and the new band...... PEace, Adam

CD Release

Just wanted to let you all know that the CD has gone to print. It should be in my hands before the end of the month and available to you all shortly thereafter. It's been a looooooooong wait and I hope you all haven't lost interest, but I can say with all honesty that's it's by far surpassed my goals for quality and I'm excited for you all to hear the final product. Anyone interested in hosting a release party? Let me know. Or have a favorite venue you'd like to see it hosted by? Peace, Adam

Song of the month?

WE did it! Thanks to everyone who voted for "It's Hard To Argue With Love" for song of the week. We were runner up which makes the song eligible for the monthly poll and hopefully a chance to be song of the year! Please vote again, this time for song of the month~ Peace, Adam

Featured Track of the Week!

Hey y'all. Just wanted to let you know that I'm currently the Featured Track of the Week on iRok internet radio! Check it out, and please vote for me to be eligible for song of the year! Thanks, Adam

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