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August is here~

Hey all, just wanted to give a heads up towards the calendar section. There is a FULL Aug. schedule ahead, so if you're in Tulsa or Eureka Springs,AR, check it out. Also, I've posted the radio stations for OHio and California over on my MySpace blog that Stranded is going for spins at. Give them a peep and make sure you flood the request lines! I'll be trying to get ALL the stations listed ASAP, but there's a ton and the CD is going for consideration NOW. So if you're curious to know if you local or fav. station has the CD, drop me an email and I'll give your their contact info if I have it. Also, the site is getting a TON of hits lately. Especially since DFest. Make sure you sign the guestbook and the mailing list!! Hope everyone is well. Peace, Adam

New site look

Here's the updated version of the site. Check back soon for new photos as well as the station listings for the college radio campaign.... Peace, Adam

College radio and ladies' night~

I'm proud to announce that the new CD Stranded In Babylon has been picked up by Tinderbox Music and has just gone out to 300 college radio stations across the country! This is a great opportunity to make a national buzz and to help build a following along the college circuit. Stay tuned for a list of stations and citites so that you all can get out there and start requesting your favorite tracks from Stranded~ Also, we'll be taking up residency on Thurs. nights @ The Blue Dome Diner in Tulsa, which is also Ladies' Night~ Ladies, print out the following flyer for entry @ the door! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

DFest and beyond...

DFest has come and gone but it's effects remain. I learned a ton about the biz and met a lot of really great people, including some who may be interesting in helping spread the sweet soul music.... Good stuff for sure. Many thanks to Tom Green and Angie for having me. There's a bunch of new stuff in the pipeline, so please check out the calendar section for upcoming dates. Hope everyone is well. Peace, Adam

Coming up...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Also, if you're in Tulsa for the 4th of July, make sure you make it out to the RiversEdge for some rock n roll soul under the sun and stars.... Peace, Adam

And on we roll...

Glad to be home from New Mexico and the Hyperactive Fest. Had a good time and was honored to be one of the few artists asked to perform. Many thanks to Allie and the crew. July is looking to be full of goodness already. I'll be performing in Tulsa pretty much every weekend in July and will be glad to be home for a bit after all the traveling as of late. Hope everyone's well and if you're in Tulsa in July, come out and catch a show. Peace, Adam

Pholk SoulJah, Tulsa, and I&I

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Good news Flash!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am this weeks Featured Artist on iROK Radio. Please check out this week's show. You'll hear 2 tracks from the new CD "Stranded In Babylon" and be allowed to vote once a day for the Song of the Week, which if we stand up strong and vote as many times as possible, will go on to Song of the Month before going on to win Song of the Year ;) You'll also learn how to win yourself a free copy of Stranded In Babylon from iRok Radio. Also, Please check out my other blogs ( I still need everyone's input for what to name my new guitar, as well as help choosing which track to include on the DFest ( ) compilation CD. Hope everyone's well. Peace, Adam

Stranded In Babylon now available, and other cool news~

The new album is now up for sale! Buy the CD
album cover
click to order
Also, I've been selected as a featured artist to appear on the DiversaFest compilation CD! I"m honored. Peace, Adam

DiversaFest '06

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I've been invited to perform at this year's DiversaFest! Located right here in Tulsa, OK DiversaFest, like the Hyperactive Fest, is a South By Southwest style festival and music conference. Lots of live music, music industry big wigs, and fun. Lots of fun ~ July 7th-8th

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