This week. Tulsa.

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This just in!!! From Tulsa entertainment weekly; the Urban Tulsa:

One man who has had better luck getting gigs around town is Adam Lopez. Since he dropped his debut CD, Stranded in Babylon, back in May, he’s been playing regularly, starting out in the coffee-houses and working his way into the bars in fairly rapid order. I’ll admit, I’ve been lax and haven’t had a chance to catch him live, but if the growing buzz and the new CD are any indication, he’ll put on a great show. In all honesty, the disc didn’t do much for me initially, but after a few spins it gradually opened up. This is an album that you settle into and get comfortable with--kind of like breaking in a good pair of jeans. Don’t go in with any preconceptions. Just because Lopez has dreadlocks doesn’t mean this is a reggae affair. Sure, there’s Rasta beat lifted here and there, but that’s not the main ingredient. So what is the magic recipe? Well, I’m not the chef, so I can’t tell you for sure, but by my estimations we’re looking at two parts soul and one part rock, seasoned with blues and funk and simmered with just enough reggae to cover the mix and add flavor. In all actuality, Lopez’ songs are more reggae in spirit than in style. “Let’s Rise” and “Pholk Souljah” lean more into blues and “Stranded in Babylon” and “The Bored of Education” turn into all-out funk and soul jams, while their imagery and themes of social change are more indicative of their reggae influences. I’m inclined to think that Lopez is an even more affluent guitar player than he lets on here with his tasteful, but reserved playing. If “Save Ourselves” and “I’m Alright” are any indication, Adam’s got an inner Hendrix screaming to come out in a live setting. So try to find out by catching a live show. Lopez will be at Boston’s (with his full band) next Fri., Oct. 13. Tony Romanello is returning to town and will be sharing the bill, along with one other band that is yet to be announced. I’ll be there to catch the buzz and you should too.

What a night!

Last night's show with Ian Moore was super duper. HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and showed BIG love. It was a great time. Thanks to Donnie @ FLytrap Productions and Ian Moore for having me. Check out my latest MySpace blog for some photos~ Peace, Adam

Live w/ Ian Moore

This Wed. Sept 20th, I'll have the good fortune and opportunity to open up for Ian Moore here in Tulsa. The show is at Boston's (18th & Boston). Doors open at 8, show at 9. 21 & up $10.00 Hope to see you all there! This one should be GREAT~ Adam

Saturday in Tulsa, "STranded" jumps up the charts, and a day of mourning

For all you Tulsa peeps. We'll be playing tomorrow night (Aug 26th) @ the Continental Club. Downtown, 1st & Elgin, next to McNellie's. This is a cool joint. Very much a place to check out. Hope to see you there. Also, "Stranded" jumped up a 143 places on's unweighted chart, which means regardless of the college radio's size, they take all playlists into consideration. It's also the same charts that get reported to CMJ (College Music Journal) which is the industry standard for college and indie music. Very cool I think and I'm very honored to be a part~ And on a sad note, on August 22nd, my good friend and musical brother Nathan Davis passed away. Some of you may be familiar with him, many of you probably aren't, but chances you would have been sooner than later. Nathan and I shared some great times on the road and created many memories. I've been fighting back tears everytime I touch my guitar since I heard the news, but I'm better for having known him and I'll never forget him. R.I.P. Nathan. Peace, Adam

August is here~

Hey all, just wanted to give a heads up towards the calendar section. There is a FULL Aug. schedule ahead, so if you're in Tulsa or Eureka Springs,AR, check it out. Also, I've posted the radio stations for OHio and California over on my MySpace blog that Stranded is going for spins at. Give them a peep and make sure you flood the request lines! I'll be trying to get ALL the stations listed ASAP, but there's a ton and the CD is going for consideration NOW. So if you're curious to know if you local or fav. station has the CD, drop me an email and I'll give your their contact info if I have it. Also, the site is getting a TON of hits lately. Especially since DFest. Make sure you sign the guestbook and the mailing list!! Hope everyone is well. Peace, Adam

New site look

Here's the updated version of the site. Check back soon for new photos as well as the station listings for the college radio campaign.... Peace, Adam

College radio and ladies' night~

I'm proud to announce that the new CD Stranded In Babylon has been picked up by Tinderbox Music and has just gone out to 300 college radio stations across the country! This is a great opportunity to make a national buzz and to help build a following along the college circuit. Stay tuned for a list of stations and citites so that you all can get out there and start requesting your favorite tracks from Stranded~ Also, we'll be taking up residency on Thurs. nights @ The Blue Dome Diner in Tulsa, which is also Ladies' Night~ Ladies, print out the following flyer for entry @ the door! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

DFest and beyond...

DFest has come and gone but it's effects remain. I learned a ton about the biz and met a lot of really great people, including some who may be interesting in helping spread the sweet soul music.... Good stuff for sure. Many thanks to Tom Green and Angie for having me. There's a bunch of new stuff in the pipeline, so please check out the calendar section for upcoming dates. Hope everyone is well. Peace, Adam

Coming up...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Also, if you're in Tulsa for the 4th of July, make sure you make it out to the RiversEdge for some rock n roll soul under the sun and stars.... Peace, Adam