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I've toured a good portion of the US over the years. I've made my own way connecting the dots and building relationships with music lovers and musicians as well as club owners and promoters.

As 2017 gets rolling, I feel now is a good time to bring in another member of the team to help keep this train a rollin' !

I would love to expand our markets and yearly show counts, reach more music lovers across the country, and continue to grow as a musician. To do that, it seems like now is a great time to join forces with someone who shares the same work ethic, dependability, and honesty that I pride myself on and get to work!

If you or someone you know is in the booking business and interested in working together with tried and true professionals who are road tested and readily available to get out and work, please drop me a line!

Many thanks!


A fun clip from last at the Junior Brown/Dale Watson show!

If you're a Tele geek like me, you know this DVD is legendary and forever hard to find. Thank goodness it's now available online!


Thanks Terry for making this great video and for being an awesome teacher and one nice guy!

The Guitar Styles of Roy Nichols from Terry Downs Music on Vimeo.

Looking forward to seeing all our awesome friends in Austin soon! It's a rare treat to get so many working musicians in the same town at the same time so I really love this time of year. 

I'm over joyed and beyond grateful to be nominated this year, so THANK YOU all so much for the support!!!


To say I'm grateful, honored, or happy about this news is an understatement. Surprised? Yes! I've never won any awards for music that I can remember, so this one being what it is, is VERY special to me. 

Thanks to my buddy Dale Watson and the whole Ameripolitan crew...that includes staff, supporters, musicians, and music lovers everywhere! 

It truly is an honor to be in y'awls world. I am grateful and accept this nomination with pride. Thank you!!!

Updates. I've been absolutely horrible with them lately. 

I just got back from a TX and New Mexico run with my Ameripolitan brother Jake Penrod. Jake is a fantastic classic country artist who's work I've admired since first learning about him and seeing him live during 2015's Ameripolitan festivities in Austin. 

I've seen him at the Continental and Broken Spoke and really love his honest and authentic take on true classic country. If at first we had Hank Williams and then James Hand, we now also have Jake and that's a great great thing.  Check him out!

I've also been really bad about maintaining the calendar section on this website. There's gigs booked and we've been out there playing every week , but I've been very busy away from the stage as well with life, so the website and promo side of things has suffered.

I'll be managing my time better and getting things back up to speed.

In the meantime, come see me and the Rhythm Review featuring Mark Verschoor on bass and Mike Ray on drums this Friday at the Hot Rod Hill Climb Races from 3-7 pm. They take place in Central City, CO and feature some great rods, races, and music all weekend including the wonder Rosie Flores.

You can find us at the Boise Tavern in Loveland, CO on the 23rd. as well as my guest appearance with Ethyl and The Regulars on the 24th. 

I'll get back on those calendar updates now!

Wishing everyone well!

Check out my latest interview with Mark Daven of the Guitar Radio Show live from Ginny's Little Longhorn in Austin , TX!



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