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Tour Recap Pt. Juan: Winter Jones Tour

It was a busy 2 week run of Oklahoma and Texas in support of our new album "California Jones". Despite an early snafu by a venue (whom doesn't deserve to be mentioned here) canceling a two night stand on us with less than 24hr notice, the tour was a definite success. 

We opened in Oklahoma City at Grandad's which is a new venue for us. The staff there is absolutely awesome and became instant friends to us. When they got word that our two nighter had been unprofessionally handled/canceled, they IMMEDIATELY stepped up to do their best to see that we had a place to perform over the weekend. Not only was our scheduled opening nighter an absolute blast, Grandad's ponied up and had back that Saturday so that we weren't left without a gig.

A SINCERE THANKS FOR THE CONSIDERATION, SUPPORT, AND KINDNESS! It will never be forgotten. If you're ever in OKC, please stop by and support a great bar that supports live music!

Opening weekend also allowed us to spend time with our favorite Okemah'ites; Melissa and Bruce! Our most awesome friends that really are just like family. How grateful we are to have y'awl in our lives!

The tour also took us on up to Tulsa. Home! It'd been awhile since we'd been there and it felt great to be back. The Colony is one of my favorite intimate music venues anywhere and to play it twice in 3 days was good for the soul. Shout out to Kb, Paul Benjaman, Tom P, and all the Oklahomies that make the Colony so awesome. 

It was also a perfect time to catch up with our old buddy Matt Mason (Hurricane Mason)! Matt is sincerely one of the nicest, truest friends anyone could ask for. It was great catching up with him and his hospitality is always a blessing. Matt was in a bad car accident on NYE and despite it all, he's carrying on like a trooper. I can't imagine going through an ordeal like his and have nothing but love and respect for him and his positive attitude. Matt is good people !

It was of course great to see lots of old friends while in Tulsa and their support is priceless to us! We love you all !

After Tulsa, it was on to Texas. Texas ! 

Music lovers in Texas are pretty amazing. They always treat us like friends and really do support and love live music. The Basement Bar in Ft. Worth is always so fun to play. Great stage and a great sound man in Thomas Flynn! Thomas also happens to be a good friend. We have much appreciation for him! It was also great to catch up with my cousin Diana from California who now lives in the DFW area! I hadn't seen her in years and meeting up in Ft. Worth of all places was a total surprise. Super sweet!

On our way down south we got to spend a night off with Mandy Marie and John out in Bartlett, TX. Mandy is like a sister to me and John is the big English guitar shredding brother I never had ;) Love those two!

Then is was on to hill country! Spicewood, TX to be exact. Poodie's Roadhouse! It was a great time as always and it's ALWAYS an HONOR to play a stage that so many legends have graced. The hospitality by the staff is always so warm and welcoming too!

Into Austin we went for a Saturday gig at Ginny's Little Longhorn! My favorite bar in maybe the whole world. Terry, Richard, Libby...everyone there...FAMILY! Just being there is always amazing. Getting to perform on that stage is bucket list level achievement to me. I can't give enough thanks for getting to be part of that place. To top it off, the crowd there was AWESOME! We more of less filled it and the support they gave us was heartwarming. Thank you all so much! 

It was a highlight of my "career" when ms. Ginny herself walked up to the stage and tipped us! Afterwards she took my hand and said how much she just loves to listen to us.

It means the world to me!

From Austin, we worked our way to Lubbock for a two nighter. I'd never played Lubbock before, but again, those TX music lovers know how to make a band feel welcomed! Thanks to Steve Forcade and Bar PM and Local Bar for having us! Playing in Buddy Holly's hometown was a thrill and the crowd response re-energized us after 2 full weeks on the road. When went busted out into a few of Buddy's tunes and the house went wild at Bar PM, it was a reminder just how important Buddy and his music is. One of my childhood heroes ! 

From Lubbock it was a long haul back to Denver.....: End of Pt. Juan

Tis good to be home ! #colony #Tulsa #Oklahoma

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Winter Jones & Licks & Tricks!

The 2015 Winter Jones Tour is just around the corner! We're getting super excited to get back out on the road with lots of new music and well oiled Rhythm Review! 

Also, for you guitar geeks! Look for an upcoming episode featuring yours truly of the Guitar Radio Show! It will air in Feb. A recent episode featured the tune "Teahupo'O" off our California Jones album as well. You can hear it about the 7 min. mark as well as some very kind words from host Mark Daven afterwards.

Check it out HERE!

And lastly, the Licks & Tricks section of the website has been updated FINALLY! Check out and learn the main rhythm theme as well as the guitar solo of "Take These Chains (From My Whiskey)", also off California Jones.

It's the first time I've ever gone back, relearned and transcribed a solo I've played on record. I hope you dig it!

Wishing everyone well,



Happy 2015!

I can't believe 2105 is here! 

2014 was truly a blessed year for me and I feel like it's the precursor to an even brighter 2015 and beyond. This year Snoop and I really solidified the bond we've had since day one as partners in the Rhythm Review. We realized the album we had been wanting to share with the world and were able to finally put it out. California Jones is something we're both proud of, but it's also really just the beginning. We're also super happy to welcome James to the trio. We've done a lot of the groundwork in 2014 and we're all ready to make 2015 something special.

2014 was the year I was also able to join up with some of my best friends in the world and my FAVORITE honky tonk outfit full time: Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels! I had been subbing for the guys since 2012 here and there and we'd always wished we could play together more. It finally became a possibility and this past year with them has been a highlight of my career. We made waves in Nashville and Austin. We were nominated for an Ameripolitan Award. We shared the stage with the likes of Eugene Moles, Neil Flanz, Jock Bartley, Billy Block, and Ronnie Miller. I got my first custom Manuel jacket and got to play at his wedding reception! We recorded tracks with Tommy Detamore. We played live on the Blue Plate Special radio show....

Both bands were able to perform on the local PBS affiliate. Together, I've probably done some 200 shows in more than and a half a dozen states in 2014. Live radio shows, interviews, press, and it seems like momentum is on our/my side.

I truly believe the future is bright and only getting brighter and I count my blessings daily. I take non of this for granted. I don't believe the world owes me anything. So I continue to work hard and press forward and I'm so grateful to have all these cats by my side and to know that we are all in this together. Our hard work WILL pay off! Thank you Snoop, James, Casey, Jeff, John, and Kevin! 


2015 Winter Jones Tour Announced!

I'm very excited for this one!


Ameripolitan Awards 2015: Voting is OPEN!


Purty please! 



Thank you !!!


Sounds on 29th: Dec. 20th!

Happy Holidays 2014!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have so much to be grateful for and nothing to complain about. Life is beautiful and I realize how fortunate I am.

I hope everyone is doing well and ready for the upcoming holidays! If you're still gift hunting for your loved ones, please check out the "Purchase" page here on the site. We still have T-shirts, CDs, and stickers in stock with new designs coming soon.

Our (Rhythm Review) recently taped PBS tv performance on Sounds On 29th recently landed in my email box and I must admit that I'm very proud of it and can't wait to share it with you all! If you're in Denver, look for it to air on December 20th!

Also, I recently had the honor of being part of the 1st Annual Mile Hi Gram Jam. The event paid tribute to Gram Parsons and was hosted by Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels. I was extremely honored to share the stage with Fallen Angels Jock Bartley and Neil Flanz! What a great experience.

Just last night the Rhythm Review went into the studio and cut 3 new tunes! We are planning on releasing a vinyl EP!

Our upcoming winter tour dates are mostly finalized and we are very excited to return home to Oklahoma and of course Texas. The tour posted will be out soon!

In other big news, Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels have been nominated for an Ameripolitan Award for Best Honky Tonk act!!!

What a HUGE HUGE deal to be recognized. Looks like we'll be in Austin for the awards show on Feb. 17th!

In the meantime, we are looking forward to the holidays at home. If you're in the Denver area, please keep an eye on the calendar for both Rhythm Review and Burning Angels dates.

Wishing you all the best!



This weekend! Denver area friends!! UPDATE!

Slight change of plans this weekend. TWO NIGHTS @ Star Bar this weekend!


Rhythm Review Tour Dates

I am super excited to announce that new tour dates are being confirmed. We will be rocking out in Oklahoma and Texas in late Jan/early Feb of 2015!

Also, I recently received word that we will be heading to Europe in 2015!!! This is a HUGE deal to us and we are THRILLED!

More info will be available in the near future!

We are currently brainstorming ideas to help us fund these tours, particularly our European travel expenses. In lieu of a Kickstarter campaign, we are thinking of various merchandise packages we could put together and sell direct via the website to generate support for the tour. 

In the meantime, please show your support by purchasing the new album "California Jones" at your favorite online retailer and/or merchandise that is currently available on the website. Lastly and maybe most importantly, please show your support by attending our live shows! Every little bit helps and we are grateful for any and all support!

Wishing everyone well!


p.s. Click on the album cover below to purchase via Cd Baby!



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