Slight change of plans this weekend. TWO NIGHTS @ Star Bar this weekend!


I am super excited to announce that new tour dates are being confirmed. We will be rocking out in Oklahoma and Texas in late Jan/early Feb of 2015!

Also, I recently received word that we will be heading to Europe in 2015!!! This is a HUGE deal to us and we are THRILLED!

More info will be available in the near future!

We are currently brainstorming ideas to help us fund these tours, particularly our European travel expenses. In lieu of a Kickstarter campaign, we are thinking of various merchandise packages we could put together and sell direct via the website to generate support for the tour. 

In the meantime, please show your support by purchasing the new album "California Jones" at your favorite online retailer and/or merchandise that is currently available on the website. Lastly and maybe most importantly, please show your support by attending our live shows! Every little bit helps and we are grateful for any and all support!

Wishing everyone well!


p.s. Click on the album cover below to purchase via Cd Baby!



The Ameripolitan Awards are in their early stages for 2015 and we'd (myself, the Rhythm Review, and Burning Angels) would like to take part and we need YOUR help!

 Let's shake this thing up a lil' bit! Whaddya say???


Honky Tonk Male? Casey James Prestwood!!!


Honky Tonk Band?? Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels !


Rockabilly Male??? Adam Lopez ;)


Rockabilly Band???? Adam Lopez & His Rhythm Review!!!!!!!


Let's do this!!!!!!!!!


It's time to nominate your favorite artists for Dale Watson's 2015 Ameripolitan Music Official! DIRECTIONS: Just email your entries to
In the EMAIL state which category:
Honky Tonk 
Western Swing
Venue of the Year:
Musician of the Year:
Festival of the Year:
DJ of the Year:
THIS IS NOMINATING YOUR FAVORITES TO GET ON THE BALLOT, THIS IS NOT VOTING YET! You can nominate in one category or all of them! Submissions will be taken until October 30th when they will be tallied, and the final list put up for voting on the final ballot for the 2015 Ameripolitan Music Awards!

This past week was amazing. A weeklong run with Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels to Oklahoma and Texas was just what I needed.

Our opening night was Tues. Oct. 14th in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The ol' College Bar on Tuesday nights is always surprisingly rowdy and hoppin'. It's Ladies' Night as well, so people are out and about. Stillwater is a great college town that's almost like it's own small village. We had a blast.

Wednesday morning we were blessed with a visit to Mr. Byron Berline. The legendary fiddler/string instrumentalist was an absolute pleasure to spend time with. He showed us around his violin shop in Guthrie, shared his photos with us, and told us some great stories about the likes of Clarence White, Gram Parsons, and more. When he and Casey sat down for a jam on Still Feeling Blue, we were all left with our minds blown. An unforgettable experience.

Later that night, we played The Basement Bar in Fort Worth, Texas. Another weeknight gig that's known to be surprisingly jumpin'. 

We had the honor of being joined on stage for the first set by Ronnie Miller. The great pedal steel guitarist from Charley Pride's band. The band was groovin' and listening and watching John Macy having a blast playing twin steels was pretty awesome. 

Our Thursday was spent outside of San Antonio where the great Tommy Detamore welcomed us into his home and studio. We cut two new CJP originals with Tommy and Macy at the board. We cut live as a band (sans steel) and captured some super cool stuff. The experience alone was priceless. I learned a ton! Tommy is a great guy and tons of fun to work with. If you're in the San Antone area and looking to record, hit him up for sure! He even had one of Bill Kirchen's guitars there that I got to play. Super sweet!

Thursday evening we worked our way to the Gulf and Macy's home in Rockport. The views, the house, the relaxation. It was a little taste of luxury that I'm certainly not used to in my day to day life, let alone on tour. 

Friday we knocked one off the bucket list when we played Ginny's Little Longhorn in Austin for the first time. An "honor" is an understatement. We followed that up by being so very fortunate to be on the guest list for the Willie Nelson show that night.

To see Willie Nelson IN Texas is like a religious experience. Sharing it with the fellas was awesome. Strutting in wearing our Manuel jackets was pretty fun too ;)

Saturday morning/afternoon was spent seeing Austin. Not all of us had spent time there before so it was nice to get to stroll around town. I've been super fortunate to have spent a lot of time there in the past, but I love it so much, it's always a treat. Among other things, meeting Al Graham was a highlight. Al is maybe the largest collector/dealer in vintage handmade cowboy boots in the country. He invited us into his home, was extremely generous with his knowledge and time, and is just an all around nice guy. It was quite the treat.

Saturday night we performed at the legendary Poodie's in Spicewood, Texas. Poodie was Willie's former stage manager and 'right hand man' and getting to play there is always worth being grateful for. Essentially our 2nd night playing Austin, (Spicewood is about 40 minutes outside of town),  it was nice to see some familiar faces from our Austin debut at Ginny's. It's a commitment to make that drive out to Spicewood and the fact that some people did after discovering us the night before was great.

Sunday afternoon we had even more amazing times! We spent some quality time with Neil Flanz! Neil has played steel guitar for some LEGENDS: Ernest Tubb, Johnny Paycheck, Gram Parsons, and more. He is a very nice man who welcomed us into his home and shared some great stories. I even got to see a paycheck from Ernest Tubb himself! So awesome. We spent part of the day at Ginny's for Chicken S#$t Bingo and some Lonestar Beer. I can't believe it, but I actually won the first round!

By Sunday evening, there were quite a few familiar faces as we debuted at the Gypsy Lounge on Austin's East Side. The band played great, the crowd was super attentive, and we had tons of fun but knowing we were heading back to Denver immediately after was a bit sad. Denver is home and our loved ones are here, but after such an amazing week, it was tough to say goodbye. 

We'll be back before long though! Austin in particular is one of those places that just feels "right". It's a home away from home for me and has always felt that way. I look forward to returning in early 2015 with the Rhythm Review AND The Burning Angels. 

Life is beautiful and we are so fortunate. I hesitate to give names when I say "thank you" to everyone that helped make this trip happen as I'd hate to forget anyone. So I will just say THANK YOU. It was a week I'll never forget. 

Wishing you well!





A couple weekends ago, I was extremely fortunate and HONORED to share a stage with one of my guitar heros: Eugene Moles!

For a California born kid who grew up with a truck driver for a Daddy, I was exposed to many of the elements associated with the country music of the 70's/80's as well as today: Sunday morning fishing shows on TV, Winston Cup racing, and of course Hee Haw and the sounds of Bakersfield.

Eugene is the son of the legendary and great Gene Moles and has a great history in music in his own right. He played guitar for Merle Haggard's Strangers as a teenager. In fact, he filled in for the legend Roy Nichols! He was also a on Hee Haw as a one of Buck's Buckaroos as well as a regular on the Grand Ol' Opry! Eugene now calls Nashville home where he continues his amazing body of work as a guitarist in demand for both live and session work. He also has a great reputation (like his father) as a Doctor of all things guitar.

If you're ever in Nashville look him up. You're sure to find him pickin' his guitar on Lower Broadway or fixing guitars at his shop.

In other exciting news I hit the road this weekend with the Burning Angels AND Rhythm Review before joining back up with the Angels on Tuesday for opening night of our Oklahoma/Texas tour in Stillwater, Oklahoma at the College Bar.

There's a scheduled recording session with the great Tommy Detamore mixed in there as well as gigs at legendary Texas venues like Ginny's Little Longhorn in Austin and Poodie's in Spicewood.

If you don't know, Poodie's is an old favorite of Willie Nelson's. In fact, it was started by Willie's former manager (RIP); Poodie!

And to top it off, it would seem we are "on the list" for a Willie concert! Life is beautiful and I am so very grateful I get to share it with people through music.

I hope to see all my old friends out on the road and I can't wait to get in some quality taco truck time in Austin!

Wishing you all well~




I just played a gig standing next to this guy. #Legendary #EugeneMoles #guitar #telecaster #Bakersfield #Nashville #buckowens #buckaroos #merlehaggard #strangers

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Greetings all! I'm happy to announce that the Rhythm Review will be playing Pueblo, CO this weekend. I think it's our first time there. Also, this Sunday we will be making our return to Colorado Springs at the Zodiac! Check the calendar for details!

I will also be out in Louisville, CO this Friday with Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels and then of course we continue on into Oklahoma and Texas next week!

That's a lot of miles in a van but thankfully I am surrounded by great company.

Please check the calendar for dates and details and tell a friend!

Wishing everyone well~


It's been a great week for the Rhythm Review. Saturday we had a great time in Centennial, Co. performing a special event for Whole Foods. The crowd was really great and super supportive. So grateful! Many people took home merchandise and some were there because they had caught previous events we'd played there before.

This weekend we take the show back on the road as we do a two nighter in Spearfish, South Dakota at the Back Porch. We love this venue as it feels like you're walking back in time to a REAL old cowtown saloon. The crowds are always very responsive as well.

If you're in the area, please join us! Thanks to Deb Lux for bringing us back!

We just found out today that we will be on an episode of Mystery Diners on the Food Network on Oct 1st. Look for us!

And please don't forget to get your copy of the new album; "California Jones" at your favorite online retailer. 

Thanks to everyone for the support!



Life is beautiful. The Rhythm Review AND The Burning Angels have both been keeping busy. The Rhythm Review CD celebration at Star Bar was fun!

The Burning Angels show at the Little Bear with Whitey Morgan & The 78s was a blast. It was awesome to see Casey do double time and play steel for Whitey too!

Please keep an eye on the show schedules for upcoming dates and join us to celebrate music and life ASAP! Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas are all coming up soon!


Wishing everyone well!


I am beyond excited and also honored to have received my first Manuel jacket! For those of you who love classic honky tonk and country music, you are probably familiar with the "Nudie Suit". And if you follow me or Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels, you know that the band is known for their colorful rhinestoned outfits.

As a member of the Burning Angels, I've finally received mine! Back in May on our tour of TN, we were fortunate to have been asked to perform at Manuel's house in honor of his recent marriage and birthday. That same week Manuel also fitted me in shop on Broadway in Nashville

After describing my ideas, he took them, interpreted them, and designed a jacket that I absolutely LOVE.

Gracias Manuel! It's an honor!

To learn more about Manuel, CLICK HERE

To see more photos of my jacket, follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook (links are in the right margin).




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