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Hey all. Just thought I'd drop an update for everyone... First, the show in Stillwater was a ton of fun. Many thanks to Hannah Wolff and her band for inviting me out. I look foward to doing it again with you all in Dec. I've just about wrapped up the recording of the rhythm tracks for the upcoming album and have started recording the final vocals. I've also started in with the final mixing. I'm very excited to share this album with everyone. I really thing you'll dig it. I expect that all production will be finished by Dec. and that we'll see the final cut ready for sale shortly thereafter. On that subject, please check out my blog @ There's a small survey there to get some input from you all about how you'd like to see the final album packaged. MUSICIANS.. If any of you all are in the Tulsa, Ok area, or know of any in the area that might be interested in joining in on the fun, please let me know. Hope everyone is well. Peace, Adam p.s. Don't forget to sign the Guestbook and Mailing List.

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