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Gene Moles "Forever & Ever" solo from Dick Curless and Kay Adams.

One of my all time favorite pickers is the late great Gene Moles. If you're unfamiliar with his work, he's on the first Merle Haggard 45, most all the Red Simpson gems, and on many of the great Dick Curless tunes (among many many others). He's also the man Jr. Brown copied Highway Patrol from almost note for note. 

There's very little out there on his technique/style or transcriptions of his playing. I'm just now getting around to getting a bunch of his solos and licks down on the staff. 

The meat n' taters is all there though, so any nuances that may have been overlooked shouldn't render this piece useless. Besides, it's guitar pickin'! Itshould be open to interpretation and individual creativities should be celebrated. 

Take it and run with it!

Hope you enjoy!


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