2020! Bring it on!

As the new year approaches fast, so do the updates and a reignited spark to share music with you!

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU all for an amazing 2019! It was an extremely busy year thanks to everyone's support from Colorado to Texas to Tennessee and beyond. I can't believe the music I've created has spread to over a 100 countries just this year alone! It's truly an honor and I'm extremely grateful!

With that, I'm shifting the focus of my work to concentrate on other aspects of the music business besides just live performance.

I will be making more time for production/studio work, music education, releasing more original music into the universe, and exploring other avenues to share music with the world. 

Look for more online content in 2020, including tons of new original music, as well as regular video content of a higher caliber with weekly regularity. 

Look for dedicated music/guitar education content as well! I'm extremely motivated to get back to spending more time in the 'woodshed' practicing, and with that, teaching again.

I have decades of professional experience as a guitarist, musician, singer songwriter, educator,  and producer, and I really want to share my knowledge and experience with the world in 2020.

I will be also be creating exclusive content for subscribers to my new website soon! Look for more information as it becomes available here on the site. I ask that you sign up for my email list on my home page to make sure you don't miss out on any of the upcoming plans I have for 2020. Social media is great but I would hate for anyone to miss out because the updates get lost in the shuffle ;)

As for subscriber content, I'm sketching out ideas now, including creating high quality video lessons for guitar/music theory/songwriting. There will be general content for subscribers as well as personalized content for different levels of subscriptions. I'm also considering personalized backing tracks for subscribers who are looking for full production practice aids with specific focus on their development. 

I am also very interested to hear your feedback! If there is content you would like to see, particularly with regards to education, please let me know what you are looking for and maybe I can help!

Happy holidays to you all and thank you again for another great year! 

I'll send you off with two new ideas I'm exploring: Bob Wills Wednesday and #MondayMorningCoffee. Two video series that I hope to be regular releases every Monday and Wednesday. #MondayMorningCoffee is an updated and improved version of everyone's favorite MorningCoffee videos that I was putting out a couple years ago. There was no schedule to those videos and the production quality was rarely above mediocre, but the feedback I received for them was always very positive. So I've decided to bring those videos back with new and improved quality and to do my best to keep them on a weekly release schedule. 

Bob Wills Wednesday videos are a self imposed challenge: to be able to play big band western swing music as a solo acoustic/vocal act and do the songs justice. My goal is to be self sufficient enough to carry the swing and melody of a western swing band while keeping it interesting and entertaining for both you and me. It's a lofty goal and will take a lot of practice but I enjoy the process and I absolutely love the music, so I thought you would too!

Thanks again! Please sign up for the new mailing list (if you were on the old one, please re-sign up as it's all new) and 'like', follow, and subscribe on social media!

~love Lopez


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