A new single, a free download, and some reflection....

I'll be posting a new song from my solo acoustic sessions next week. It will be available for free download here on the site and I will continue to post new songs that follow. It will essentially be the new album, but I'll be delivering the songs to you one at a time. I'm inspired and enjoying the recording process of trying each song in multiple styles and feels, so there may be some different versions of the same songs made available as well. We'll see how it feels!

Upon some reflection and random internet rabbit holing; I stumbled upon this great piece on Jay Dee Manness. Steel guitar maestro. I've been lucky to play on stage alongside Mr. Manness as well as some of the folks mentioned in the article. 

It still blows my mind where this life has taken me. It's all been amazing and beautiful and I'm extremely grateful. Even during the toughest of times; with some reflection, you realize that you were alive during those tough times. You were given the gift of breath and light. Despite the situations, you are still here. Still alive. Still getting to experience experiences on this amazing planet. 

That $7 guitar with three missing strings from Gemco... who would've ever thought it would lead to all this.

Life is amazing folks. Gratitude for all of it will always serve you best.

Wishing you all well!



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