Gearing up for 2018!

I'm working like a crazy man getting things in order to have a successful and abundance filled 2018. I'm venturing into new territories of the music business, working out details to bring some crazy ideas I have to life, getting ready to get my ducks in a row so that we can finally print and release my first vinyl project. I'm getting into proper video/audio production so that my #MorningCoffee series is more enjoyable for viewers, re-mixing/mastering my back catalogue, writing new tunes for the next album, and generally doing what it takes to get better at all the things I do and learn some new skills as well. So please, keep in touch! Join the mailing list here on the website. "Like" my Facebook page. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Follow me on Instagram. Let's gear up for an abundance of health, wealth, happiness, and success!

Thanks for the continued support!

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