In Honor of James Hand 

I heard the news of James' passing the morning of June 9th, 2020. I sat down shortly thereafter and this is the song that passed through me. I always felt a kinship with James. Maybe we had an understanding about some of the things brewing beneath the surface that we both shared.... Rest easy James and thank you.... ~Lopez 

**The audio version of "The Troubled Man" is the very first time the song I played the song from start to finish. The video version is the 2nd. I think that's a unique pair of captures and I hope you all enjoy and appreciate seeing where the song goes as it matures! 

***This is NOT a song necessarily about James. It just happens to be what funneled through me upon hearing about his passing. It's written totally and completely out of respect for a man and friend that I held in high regard. Remember, it's just 'art' ;)

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