#MondayMorningCoffee Ep. 3

An exercise in #melody, #harmony, avoiding the usual path/reimagining the song, and #guitar orchestration. I took the original recording from the title track of my Heartaches, Time Takes album and removed everything but the upright bass and drums. I replaced the lead vocal with a lead melody guitar in a descending melody, added a 2nd descending harmony guitar, and then a 3rd ascending counter melody guitar (for the main melody). It's a great ear training exercise as well. Instead of playing the melody the same way as I always have, I want to break free of playing off of muscle memory and reflex. I want to get back to being hyper aware of the song going on around me and react with fresh ideas that enhance the song while still being challenging. The challenge here in mental; this is not a difficult song to play physically nor does it need to be to be interesting and challenging. In fact, maybe it SHOULDN'T be...that is part of what makes a song great after all... Enjoy! **Disclaimer; it's definitely more of a listen than a watch....** ~Lopez #mondaymorningcoffee #morningcoffee #electricguitar #fingerstyle #fingerstyleguitar #travispicking #music


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