Satellite Amplifiers

Satellite Amplifiers is based out of San Diego, CA. The owner Adam Grimm and I first met at a Summer NAMM show in Nashville back in 2011 I believe it was. We met again this past Winter NAMM in Anaheim and again recently at the Guitar Pedal Expo in Van Nuys, CA.

Long story short: all the cool guys are indeed named "Adam" :) and Satellite Amplifiers provide me with "my" sound. I'm currently demo'ing a Neutron model through a 1x12 cabinet and am totally blown away.

I'm super excited to have Adam build me my own personal amp asap. In the meantime, come check out my demo setup at the Casbah this Sunday at 9 p.m. if you're in the San Diego area. Stevie & The Hi-Staxx will be doing our thang!

Hope everyone is well!


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