February 2020?!?

Wow. We're already halfway through the second month of 2020?!? Amazing.

I figured it was time for an update. The #MondayMorningCoffee and Bob Wills Wednesdays have temporarily been set aside the last couple weeks as I've been working hard at…


Visit Pagosa Springs, CO!

I had the great pleasure of performing at Motel SoCo in Pagosa Springs this past Sunday. What a fantastic place! Great cabin style rooms surrounded by the beautiful town and scenery of Pagosa Springs as well as great bar. The…


Bob Wills Wednesday Ep.4 "San Antonio Rose"

This is a tough one for me for some reason. In rehearsal, it's great but when the video starts rolling I seem to lose a bit of my mojo :/ I think it's worthy of a share though as like…

#MondayMorningCoffee Ep. 3

An exercise in #melody, #harmony, avoiding the usual path/reimagining the song, and #guitar orchestration. I took the original recording from the title track of my Heartaches, Time Takes album and removed everything but the upright bass and drums. I replaced…


Bob Wills Wednesday Ep.4 Preview "San Antonio Rose"

San Antonio Rose ? Something about this #song is a stumbling block. There are changes in the melodic cadence that I #feel and that includes some of the #bass beats. I seem to have it pretty well down how I…


Redd Volkaert

My man! Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Redd Volkaert. That's TWO Ds to you!



The Bresh

In case you didn't know...



Eldon Shamblin Pt. 2

Some say it's one of the very first if not THE first Stratocaster off the line....



Eldon Shamblin

While Bob Wills probably doesn't get enough credit for shaping the sound of American music; even less known to the general public is Eldon Shamblin. His inventiveness in the art of rhythm guitar really was a major shift is how…