#MondayMorningCoffee Ep. 2

While the majority of this practice revolves around specific exercises that are then tested through specific tunes; here are some quick licks to demonstrate where I'm headed. I've 'hybrid' picked for years and of course often use a thumb pick…


Bob Wills Wednesday Ep.2 "Time Changes Everything"

Time Changes Everything written by Tommy Duncan. I feel like this one will long be a #workinprogress . It’s tough to concentrate on picking the #melody while keeping the #rhythm and yet not getting distracted by the content of the…


2020! Bring it on!

As the new year approaches fast, so do the updates and a reignited spark to share music with you!

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU all for an amazing 2019! It was an extremely busy year thanks…


Letters Have No Arms

Here's a favorite Ernest Tubb of mine. I love his lyrics! Hope you enjoy and are enjoying your holiday season!  


This Week In Colorado!

I'm so very grateful for all the opportunities Colorado provides! Thanks for the support great people of Colorado, and hope to see you a show or four this week!




Live from Austin, TX!

A big thanks to Ted Branson for having me on his Under The X In Texas radio show earlier this week in Austin, TX! It was great to be back home and see so many great family friends!

Here's a…

New songs and this week's calendar!

As some of you may have heard, I'm planning on recording a new solo acoustic record featuring all new original tunes. I've been writing non stop for a couple months now, so the recording sessions have yet to begin but…


What a busy summer it's been thus far! I'm so very grateful for the support! Especially in Colorado!

I made an effort to travel less this year knowing that it may be risky financially to not be out on the…


In the works!

I know I've been slow with site updates (again!), but life is just so beautiful and fun, sometimes it's easy to drop the ball on "work" :)

My apologies!

Please check out the new site look and see the updated…


Giving your 'best'.

I sometimes wonder: how many artists ever feel that they've shown their absolute best? Not just your best on any given day (I always give my best on any given day), but the apex of your talents, hard-work, creativity, and…

Thinking aloud, and this week's shows.

I don't remember why, but the thought crossed my mind again this week. Why do I do what I do? Why not have a 'normal' life? Why not have more reliable income (although I have to think I have it…