It's a new year. It's a turning of the tides and a changing of the seasons. Times are strange and it feels like a whole new world. It is said that you can always count on certain things in life such as the changing of the seasons, the rising of the sun and moon....

So while things have changed dramatically for many of us, life is still life and things still are as they are. The specifics may look and feel different, but life is still here in our faces. It challenges us to live with it. To BE in the present moment where there is no time. No future. No past. Just now.

I don't know what the future holds for me or my music. I don't know that it will always be here for you to listen to. Maybe it will be here long after it's relevancy has dissipated (or has it already?). But as now; RIGHT NOW; it's here for you to enjoy.

Check out the Music page for 3 of my latest demos of new material. I cut these at home and made all the noises myself. They are mostly just first take song full instrumentation sketches of tunes I've written over the last year and a half, but haven't done anything with.

I have many many more in the vaults. Perhaps you will get to hear them....

I hope everyone is well and Happy New Year!

Road Dog Podcast 

I discovered the art of running when I was about 4 years old. I remember driving home from work with my Grandpa Adam when he wanted to stop off at Lincoln Middle School in Vista, CA and get a some laps in before dinner.

Grandpa was quite the runner back in the day often competing in 10k and half marathon events. He was also into supplements and health foods and taught me the beginnings of taking care of my health from a young age.

I remember this particular day at the track hanging out watching him; I decided I wanted to try running too. It looked like something to test myself at and in some way, fun!

I ran my first quarter mile that day without stopping and Grandpa was surprised. I didn't realize that he thought it was something that a young child was capable of running the track non stop but he seemed proud. It set me on an endurance sports path that I am still on today as a long distance trail runner.

In the running world, there is a well known book called "Born To Run" that has become legendary for trail runners the world over. One of the people featured in that great book is Luis Escobar.

I had the great fortune of sitting down with Luis recently for an episode of his Road Dog Podcast. We talk running and music and it was such an honor to be invited on the show. Here's our full conversation below. I hope you enjoy it!!

With love,


HBD John Prine! 


John Prine ! 

It is my feeling that when someone inspires me as much as John Prine has, it's the utmost in respect to create something new from that inspiration. How it might be received is not something I can worry about. As EVH once said (to paraphrase), I'd rather fail with my own work then be the world's best cover artist 

I hope you enjoy the tune! 

With love,