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Live stream from Pacific Grove, CA 

This past weekend I was asked to do a last minute set at my favorite restaurant Julia's Vegetarian Restaurant in Pacific Grove, CA (one of my favorite towns too!). Here is the live stream from Instagram (@adamlopezguitar) that I shot using my phone.

It's mostly new original material that's been written in the past year including tracks from the upcoming album "Vol. 1 The Love We Were Born".

I hope you enjoy!


My Reason Why 

Why do I bother sharing music with people? It would be so much easier to be an introvert who makes music solely for personal enjoyment in the privacy of my own environment. It would be so much easier than to face the possibility of rejection, self doubt, and the trials and tribulations that go along with the 'job' of making music. But for some reason, I'm compelled. It's what I have to offer the world that might make it a better place for even just one more soul. It's how I best know to communicate. It just feels right...

"Remember Me Too". Words and Music by Adam Lopez


Hello my love, it’s been too long But now you’re home where the faith is strong.

Nothing’s changed. The furniture’s in place. And I’m still here. Please recognize my face.

For out time is too short and our history too long T

o go out like this, as though we live in the dark

If you only knew what I remember of you

If only you could remember me too

We’re dancing again like we used to do

You’re my Reason but I’m a stranger to you

The music plays on but only I can sing along

But maybe someday you’ll remember our song

And the times we shared and all the reasons we care

And the plans we made that are slipping away

But I’ll be brave along the way

And follow through with my devotion to you


"Suicide Doors" live from the wilderness... 

A new song the upcoming album "The Love We Were Born" due out September 2020.

To pre-order, please visit the Store page!


Your foot’s on the gas pedal of my heart. Speeding towards a cliff in a jalopy fallin’ apart.

This rust bucket can’t support us anymore. Cruising for a breakdown on the side of the road.

And a fiery torch ain’t strong enough to repair our wounds. We’re running out of road and steel toward impending doom.

These suicide doors are locked from the outside. I’m trapped in here with you but you can’t drive.

The wheels are coming off and the spark plugs just won’t spark. Our lights don’t work and daylight’s turning to dark.

We’re speeding downhill and the brakes won’t brake. Trying to talk sense to you but it don’t take.

Your foot’s on the gas pedal of my heart. In a jalopy that’s fallin’ apart. The spark plugs just won’t spark. And daylight is turning to dark.

"One Week In April" 

I wrote this song in the day the following John Prine's death. We had just settled into the realities of our current pandemic situation, the loss of jobs, the death of Bill Withers, and then the great John Prine due to complications from Covid-19. Two of my songwriting heros gone in span of 8? days and life as I knew it no longer the same....I plan on including this song on the upcoming album tentatively titled "The Love We Were Born"; due August of 2020.


I’m feeling claustrophobic as I’m sure you are too. Been stuck in this apartment trying to invent things to do.

So I sleep through the morning and wake up half past noon. I’ve lived through many a thing but nothing quite like this flu.

I know we’re all in this together; separately apart. But life is still wondrous when you open up your heart.

And pancakes for dinner. And making love for lunch. Things could be a whole lot worse like a day without your touch.

Ain’t no sunshine since you’ve gone to Paradise with John. A bizarre week it’s been, I hope we never meet again.

Baby I’m glad you recovered. I’m not angry or making blame. I know we’ll love one another in another time and another place

For the mailman always delivers like the sun shines above. I know we’ll love again for in this process I trust.

So don’t be hard on yourself. I know you’re not to blame. We’ll meet again soon, on that higher plane.

©2020 Pholk Souljah Music/ASCAP words and music by Adam Lopez