Free Love 

I've been writing a ton of new songs lately. Here's one from late 2019 that I want to share with you as it's also my entry to Recording King Guitars' songwriting competition.

It's written from a female and male perspective in each of the two verses/choruses. They are both a bit jaded. Maybe they are both a bit over trying to find their 'person', but somewhere in their letting go, find something even greater than imagined. It's a metaphor for life perhaps.

I hope you enjoy!

Free Love

She said go out and find what you need.

Even if that doesn't include me.

This world is a vast and scary place to be. 

So she said find a love that makes you feel free. 

You're the one for me I know. Because my heart tells me so. And my worries and pain all just disappear. 

And I sleep better at night when your arms hold me tight. The door is open, but nowhere would I rather be. For you are the love that makes me feel free.


He says I'll worship you, and adore;

all your quirks and then I'll love you some more.

I know we're both doing fine on our own, 

but your presence makes me feel right at home.

You're the one for me I know. Because the signs all tell me so. And my inner child comes back to life.

And I sleep better at night when our bodies are pressed up tight. And I wake from my dreams to a love that makes me feel free.

You are the dream that makes me feel free.

Yes you are the love that makes me feel free.


Words and music by Edward Adam Lopez

©2020 Pholk Souljah Music/ASCAP



A new single, a free download, and some reflection.... 

I'll be posting a new song from my solo acoustic sessions next week. It will be available for free download here on the site and I will continue to post new songs that follow. It will essentially be the new album, but I'll be delivering the songs to you one at a time. I'm inspired and enjoying the recording process of trying each song in multiple styles and feels, so there may be some different versions of the same songs made available as well. We'll see how it feels!

Upon some reflection and random internet rabbit holing; I stumbled upon this great piece on Jay Dee Manness. Steel guitar maestro. I've been lucky to play on stage alongside Mr. Manness as well as some of the folks mentioned in the article. 

It still blows my mind where this life has taken me. It's all been amazing and beautiful and I'm extremely grateful. Even during the toughest of times; with some reflection, you realize that you were alive during those tough times. You were given the gift of breath and light. Despite the situations, you are still here. Still alive. Still getting to experience experiences on this amazing planet. 

That $7 guitar with three missing strings from Gemco... who would've ever thought it would lead to all this.

Life is amazing folks. Gratitude for all of it will always serve you best.

Wishing you all well!



February 2020?!?  

Wow. We're already halfway through the second month of 2020?!? Amazing.

I figured it was time for an update. The #MondayMorningCoffee and Bob Wills Wednesdays have temporarily been set aside the last couple weeks as I've been working hard at prioritizing some new audio recordings.

I have some 15 'full band' tunes demoed that I am trying to finish so that I can make them available for sale here on the website. Some are tunes from 2010's "Rock & Roll Is My Super Power" that have been rearranged and rerecorded in the same style; with myself performing all the sounds you hear on the recordings! It's something I've always been inspired to do since I was probably 10 years old with a cheap Price Club tape recorder. I think it's the JJ Cale and Stevie Wonder influence ;)

Also on the 'to do' list are a series of solo acoustic guitar and vocal recordings.

For many years in my late teens/early 20s (and to this day) I was obsessed with prewar country blues artists as well as latter day singer songwriter/folk/acoustic guitarists and singers. Folks like Ted Hawkins, Corey Harris, and Alvin Youngblood Hart. There is also the country side of that coin that includes the likes of Jimmie Rogers and Merle Travis.

To me all these cats are really the same side of the same coin. Country, blues, country's really just American music about the human experience to me.

My goal is to bridge the gap of that solo guitarist/vocalist mold with my favorite eras of bands led by Bob Wills and Ray Price. That 'Bob Wills Two Beat'. That 'Ray Price Shuffle'. I hope to capture that feel and energy as a solo act. I've touched on it over the years; folks have shown up to my solo acoustic shows to dance; but I'm taking the proper time currently to really find my groove with it.

While all the aforementioned cats are in the same mold as far as I'm concerned, the one thing that made/makes each one unique is their feel. Their personal stamp on rhythm. They don't play 'blues or 'country'; they play themselves. They are exposed and totally vulnerable but their personalities shine through. Their inner essence comes out. At their best, they just make music and words do to that music no justice when it comes to definitions.

I'm working towards that. My own songs. My own style of guitar picking. My own style of vocalizing. My own way of connecting with those that care to be connected with.

I hope to have demos of the new recordings posted soon and a final album for sale here on the site shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, I'll keep working towards the vision and get back to posting some videos for you all to get glimpses into the journey.

I hope everyone is well! Happy lover's day!





Visit Pagosa Springs, CO! 

I had the great pleasure of performing at Motel SoCo in Pagosa Springs this past Sunday. What a fantastic place! Great cabin style rooms surrounded by the beautiful town and scenery of Pagosa Springs as well as great bar. The staff and patrons were all extremely friendly and I would recommend anyone looking for an adventure to visit the motel and town of Pagosa Springs. For those of you interested in fueling yourself with only the best nutrients and tastes, make sure you stop by the Juice Goddess while you're in town as well! 

What a great time in Pagosa Springs!

Bob Wills Wednesday Ep.4 "San Antonio Rose" 

This is a tough one for me for some reason. In rehearsal, it's great but when the video starts rolling I seem to lose a bit of my mojo :/ I think it's worthy of a share though as like all tunes, it's always a work in progress. I hope you enjoy!

#MondayMorningCoffee Ep. 3 

An exercise in #melody, #harmony, avoiding the usual path/reimagining the song, and #guitar orchestration. I took the original recording from the title track of my Heartaches, Time Takes album and removed everything but the upright bass and drums. I replaced the lead vocal with a lead melody guitar in a descending melody, added a 2nd descending harmony guitar, and then a 3rd ascending counter melody guitar (for the main melody). It's a great ear training exercise as well. Instead of playing the melody the same way as I always have, I want to break free of playing off of muscle memory and reflex. I want to get back to being hyper aware of the song going on around me and react with fresh ideas that enhance the song while still being challenging. The challenge here in mental; this is not a difficult song to play physically nor does it need to be to be interesting and challenging. In fact, maybe it SHOULDN'T be...that is part of what makes a song great after all... Enjoy! **Disclaimer; it's definitely more of a listen than a watch....** ~Lopez #mondaymorningcoffee #morningcoffee #electricguitar #fingerstyle #fingerstyleguitar #travispicking #music


The Henriksen Bud 10 and Some Classic Country Favorites 

Here's some footage I found from a hotel gig in Colorado in Nov. of 2019. It was a simple background music gig but it was made extra fun because I got to demo the Henriksen Bud 10 for the whole set. Both my guitar and vocals are going the through the Bud 10 with no additional gear or effects. It's a FANTASTIC sounding amp/personal P.A. system that is relatively tiny for the sound it provides. It's not just volume, but amazing and natural vocal and guitar tone. Check them out at !!!


"Kissing My Pillow"

"Heart Over Mind"

"Cry! Cry! Cry!"

"There's Not Any Like You Left"

"I'm Not Crazy Yet"

"Women Do Funny Things To Me"


"Home Of The Blues"

"Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised"

"I Got Stripes"


Bob Wills Wednesday Ep.4 Preview "San Antonio Rose" 

San Antonio Rose 🌹 Something about this #song is a stumbling block. There are changes in the melodic cadence that I #feel and that includes some of the #bass beats. I seem to have it pretty well down how I feel it until the #camera starts rolling 🥴 This #instrumental version is closer to the #guitar equivalent of the original #fiddle tune while my #vocal version more resembles my usual #rayprice #texas #shuffle . The variety keeps it fun, but it sure is challenging to play clean and really keep that pocket. Stay tuned for more! #acousticguitar #acoustic @recordingkingofficial #bobwills #bobwillsandthetexasplayboys #ameripolitan #honkytonk #classiccountry #classiccountrymusic #westernswing