It's a new year. It's a turning of the tides and a changing of the seasons. Times are strange and it feels like a whole new world. It is said that you can always count on certain things in life such as the changing of the seasons, the rising of the sun and moon....

So while things have changed dramatically for many of us, life is still life and things still are as they are. The specifics may look and feel different, but life is still here in our faces. It challenges us to live with it. To BE in the present moment where there is no time. No future. No past. Just now.

I don't know what the future holds for me or my music. I don't know that it will always be here for you to listen to. Maybe it will be here long after it's relevancy has dissipated (or has it already?). But as now; RIGHT NOW; it's here for you to enjoy.

Check out the Music page for 3 of my latest demos of new material. I cut these at home and made all the noises myself. They are mostly just first take song full instrumentation sketches of tunes I've written over the last year and a half, but haven't done anything with.

I have many many more in the vaults. Perhaps you will get to hear them....

I hope everyone is well and Happy New Year!

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