A Princess in Europe

Howdy friends!

Our princess has a wonderful opportunity for her first trip to Europe! She'll be going with some classmates and teachers from her high school.

I've given her my word that she IS indeed going, so this is NOT me asking for a handout, donation, or charity (although anyone wanting to help for sake of it is welcome to), but simply another way for me to help her out.

Music is what I know and do best, so why not continue our holiday special for fellow music lovers while helping make our baby girl happy and giving her something that I could only dream of when I was her age!?

Thanks to everyone for the support all these years and if you or someone you know likes honky tonk/rockabilly/rock&roll music, this might be just the deal you're looking for!

Supplies are very limited, so please email me asap to reserve your copies!

Much love,


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