European Reflections Pt. 1

People keep asking me what it was like. How was your tour? It's tough to put into words. Words seem inadequate when you really just had to be there. 

The people.

That's what I think of first upon reflection. Our hosts; Benny, Mattias, and Sieban. So grateful for them opening up their home and lives to share with us. 

Robin, Kris, Omar (w/Benny and Mattias). Immediately we were all friends. Family even. Our first night out just 24hrs after arriving in Belgium, we all went out for a jam session in Antwerp that Omar happened to host. There was no "getting to know" anyone it seemed. We were just one. Like we'd known each other all our lives. 

It was something you feel, not explain. That's what makes reflecting and then writing about it difficult. Maybe if I were to wait another month, year, decade, or more to sit back and try and explain, I would feel different but when do you say when?

The other folks we met along the way; Kenny and Jessy. Without their help things would have been so much more difficult. We were well cared for and it really meant a lot to us that we had such a great team. Gert did well to surround us with great people.

Victor, who stepped up and loaned Johnny a bass for the majority of the tour. That was a HUGE help in making sure Johnny had a worthy instrument and therefore much more fun. 

Tom, Dax, J.P. , the countless names I am forgetting, the crowds, the folks that worked and owned all the amazing cafes and pubs, all the crew members at all the festival who treated us so well...everyone really. 

The people of Belgium and the Netherlands were so down to earth. They were very straight forward and I really appreciated that. The diversity was beautiful.

Running into some other Americans while there was a nice surprise too. Robert, Kevin, Ashley...aka Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys! That was a most awesome hang; running into friends from home, so far away from home....priceless!

Americans who just happened to also live in Denver?? They were walking down an old cobblestoned street in Brugge, heard some Johnny Cash blasting from a bar and wander in...Kristana and Brian...yet again we found ourselves surrounded by good people. It is indeed a small world after all.




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#Rockabilly Day in #Belgium . We rocked them me thinks.

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...and now they're our friends #SwingWespelaar2015 #Belgium

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Getting set up...

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One crazy night in #Turnhout #Belgium

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Another wild night. #Gierle #Belgium

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Pre show #Tildonk #Belgium

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My new Belgian brother Benny testing out my @midnight30music rig at his band rehearsal. In #Belgium ! #mindblown !

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