European Reflections Pt. 2

The band. 

Most of you notice that "The Rhythm Review" has a generally had a small, but rotating cast of characters. It's normal for working bands to have subs somewhat often as life and other commitments tend to conflict with a band from time to time.

Touring really makes things more difficult in a lot ways as the time commitments and travel expectations further complicate "real" lives back at home for musicians and their families.

So to have a couple guys willing to have your back, believe in your music, and share your vision for a band, it's quite humbling.

Daniel and Johnny both go back a ways with me and my music. Johnny and I began playing together some 10 years ago in Oklahoma. Both as part of my trio and as remnants of the Starkweather Boys: Johnny's band with the one  and only JD McPherson.

Daniel and I did a run of shows together in Colorado back in 2012.

Both these guys are killer players and together make an unbeatable rhythm section. The things they are able to do with the most simple of tools is quite amazing. A small drum kit; an acoustic upright bass;  and that's it. 

So what else stands out from our European adventure? The band. They were (and are) great players before we left but what they've become since is awesome. We've now come to a place where they ARE The Rhythm Review and it's so much fun and so fulfilling as a songwriter and bandleader to have them behind me. 

It's an honor.  They started from a well respected place as it were and have become a monster of a rhythm section.

The new album we are planning. The winter tour in the works. The next European tour (June/July 2016 ). I am looking forward to all of it and more.

Making music with these cats is an honor.





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