Giving your 'best'.

I sometimes wonder: how many artists ever feel that they've shown their absolute best? Not just your best on any given day (I always give my best on any given day), but the apex of your talents, hard-work, creativity, and presentation. That right time and place where an audience is able to share in your moment with you.

How many artists really feel they've gotten to experience what that might feel like?

I realize it's not something quantifiable and that it's subjective on many levels, but I guess my point in asking is that I imagine it comes with a bit of inner peace for the artist.

I know that deep down in my being that no one has ever experienced my best moments as a guitarist, singer, or performer. Although, I don't even consider myself a singer or a performer, so there's no inner conflict there for me.

I know the best I've ever picked a guitar, there was no one around to see or hear it. I was barely there myself, at least mentally/emotionally... I was in that other realm. One I can't fully explain . One I can't Google for directions to. It comes to you, you don't go to it.

That's an interesting thought for me to ponder after all these years. After some 35 years, to feel that you haven't shown your best; it's an interesting thought.

I'm not here to judge it, just to recognize that it's something that comes to mind occasionally.

All that to say, if you'd like to be around should that unicorn make an appearance this coming week and share in it together, then check out this week's shows in Colorado!

Thursday is my monthly residency at the Owl Saloon on E. Colfax in Denver. An extremely fun show that keeps growing every month! The music starts at 5 pm

Friday, come on out to New Belgium in Fort Collins! This is our 4th ? time there and the crowds have been awesome. Of course, you can count of great beer as well!

Saturday, come celebrate the Kentucky Derby with us as the Bar Car in Denver. Their annual Derby Party is huge! We'll be playing at 4 pm.

You can catch us for a late show at our home base: The Star Bar off 21st and Larimer in Denver about 10pm.

Come chase unicorns with us!



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