Hello 2010!

I hope everyone made it through the holidays and is enjoying the new year! It's already been a year of ups and downs on this end. Most of you don't know, but I've taken the gig with the Kevin Pharris band here in Tulsa. The Kevin Pharris band is a local treasure led by Kevin that features some great musicians including Rocky Frisco on keys (JJ Cale) and Harry Williams on drums (Ike & Tina, Hubert Sumlin,Flash Terry). Both are Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame inductees and Rocky is also an Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame inductee.

These guys have always blown me away with their kindness and acceptance into their local music scene and now that I have a chance to work with them full time I must say that I"M HONORED.

On a sad note, Kevin is currently in the hospital recovering from a stroke. Please pray, hope, think happy thoughts, send mojo, or whatever it is you prefer but please send it!

It's been a rough time lately for many Tulsa musicians health wise and I truly wish them all and everyone all the health and happiness in the world. I hope you do the same ! ;)

Also, my new band looks to be in place and I'm VERY excited to get out and start performing the new tunes as well as some new covers I've always wanted to play.

Look for us out on the local scene very soon; Tim "Ransom" Conner on bass, Gary Davison on drums, and if you're lucky and catch us on the right night, Rocky Frisco on keys!!!!

If you haven't yet, find me on MySpace, Facebook, and ReverbNation as well!

Also, don't forget to check out my new work in progress: ConfidentGuitar.com

Be well!



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