Look out!

What a wonderful month Sept. has been for myself and the Lo Tops. We really had a BLAST this month getting the band together and tightened up. Rehearsing like madmen. Performing a ton! The show at Hot Shots recently was great and the people there were SUPER kind to us. The all ages CD release party at Ida Red was AWESOME! Thanks to Brian Parton for sharing all these recent bills with us lately and to Gypsy Twang for playing a set at the CD release. And another HUGE thanks to Rick Reavis and Steve Huhn for being awesome Lo Tops, and our good buddy Matt Eidson for all his support!

Look for more fun in Oct! We'll be making our first out of state trip with the new trio on the 16th over in Fayetteville,AR at Ryleigh's Boom Boom Room. One of my favorite places to play! Also, there's gonna be a couple of Tulsa shows so stayed tuned to the "Calendar" section for updates coming soon.

We're also looking into another CD release party, this time for the adults! We hope to have a full bill of Rockabilly/Roots bands, a decorated dance hall, and a crowd in full on 50's threads! This ain't no costume ball, but simply a night for everyone to fully express their rebel attitudes and DANCE like crazy people! Stay tuned!!

Also, look for an article on me in an upcoming issue of the Urban Tulsa as well as a spot in RELIX Magazine; including a track on their monthly compilation CD sampler!!!

Tons more possibilities are in the works too! Life is beautiful!

Wishing everyone health and happiness!



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