NAMM Ear. It's a medical condition. Honest! ;)


NAMM was a great time! I had the pleasure of seeing plenty of familiar faces and getting to take in all the madness of the show. Hanging out at the Hahn booth was super fun. Meeting all the great pickers that came through and getting to hear them was a pleasure. The best part was probably the after show dinners with Chihoe Hahn and his buddy Russ though. It'd been a few years since Chihoe and I got to hang out.

Meanwhile, I'm still working away in my home studio tracking new tunes for what I still think will be two releases, maybe three. Who knows though, maybe it will be one very long and diverse album!?

Also, I've taken up as working with former Pet Franklins drummer Jim Hathaway as a duo project that we hope to have working soon. Just something for fun to go out and play some gigs. All eras and styles of good ol' American music including a bunch of stuff most people probably wouldn't expect to hear me singing. Should be fun!

Another project I'm HONORED and HUMBLED to asked to participate in is with Mr. Stevie Harris. Stevie and I go back almost 20 years now to our time in the San Diego singer/songwriter scene of the 1990's.

Stevie and I are what I consider to be pretty close friends, but back in my teenage years, Stevie was a legend as far as I was concerned and somewhat intimidating in my eyes. Someone who's music I was a fan of from the first listen and to this day remains on my playlists consistently. I was lucky enough to have some of my lap slide work show up on his Black Will Not Hurt You album back in the day but have now been asked to be lead guitar man in one of his latest projects: Stevie & The Hi-StaxX. Soul rock music at it's finest with one of the best voices I've ever known and with one of my all time favorite songwriters.

Check out their Old Soul album here and download it! Also check out their Pyles Sessions E.P.


Stay tuned for updates to my "Band" page here for more info and show dates.


Wishing everyone well!



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