It seems every trip I take to Nashville, it's more productive and rewarding than the last. This time around was no exception. It was magical really.

Playing/touring/recording as a member of Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels is really a great experience.

Our debut at Nashville's 5 Spot was solid. Better than solid even. We played to a full room well after midnight on a Tuesday. That's a pretty good accomplishment I feel. Keeping asses in the seats so late mid week in the busiest live music town anywhere is a win in my book.

Getting back to Knoxville, TN for another live on air performance on WDVX's Blue Plate Special was once again an honor! It's feels good to be accepted and part of such a tradition. Thanks to Red Hickey for having us back! Click HERE to listen to the archive of our performance from April 2nd at 12 pm!

LIVE: Casey James Prestwood & the Burning Angels on the #wdvx #blueplatespecial

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Breakfast at Cracker Barrel might not normally sound like a highlight, but when you're sharing your table with your best buddies AND Wayne Moss, Lloyd Green, Eugene Moles, and Pete Wasner...well, things are probably going pretty well for you!

If you're unfamiliar with any of the names mentioned above, PLEASE do yourself a favor and look them up. Their contribution to music has been HUGE in the last half century. HUGE. 

Following up breakfast we made our way to Wayne's own Cinderella Studios in Madison, TN. Like Wayne, his Cinderella Studios is legendary. The list of music created and recorded there is beyond impressive. I must give thanks to Kenny Vaughan about now...or maybe Marty Stuart? Kenny was supposed to be on the session as well but an unexpected early bus call meant he had to cancel. Kenny's absence meant there was room for me to grab a guitar and get in on the session. We cut 3 new originals of Casey's and it was a mind blowing experience. Some of the finest session players the world of country music has ever known and lil' ol' me. Mind. Blown.

We knocked out the tunes quick and easy. The only bummer was that we couldn't just sit around through the rest of the night and make music together. Stories about the old days with Lloyd and Wayne, followed by tacos at Wayne's favorite neighborhood restaurant was pretty epic though ;)

We finished off our week by playing a private wedding party special guest Pete Wasner on piano! That was pretty sweet. If you've seen Vince Gill in the last 20 or so years, you've probably also seen Pete tinklin' the ivories ! Word on the street is you'll be seeing him real soon out on the road with Robin Ford !

So we are now back in Denver with about 7 new tunes in the can for the new album. It's going to be a the best recording project I've ever been involved with thus far I believe. I also think the future of REAL country music is in good hands with cats like Casey out there making it happen and I'm honored to be part of the family of musicians who gets to help make it happen.

Wishing everyone well!


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  • Johnny
    Wow, those are some great experiences! Rollin' strong!!

    Wow, those are some great experiences! Rollin' strong!!

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