New album(s) & Guitar Lessons

That's right! Album(s). I've had the "new" demo tracks up for some time now and many people are probably wondering where the final cuts are. They are finally being finished and as of now there are a total of 8 tracks on the "completed" list. There's also a bunch more being finished up which will make up one very long album or two separate ones; a vocal album and an instrumental album. At this point I'm not sure in what combo they will be released, however they WILL both be released at the same time. Stay tuned!! Also, many of you know that when I'm not performing/writing/recording, or practicing, that I'm also teaching. I've recorded a few online "lessons" recently and have had a good response. Granted, these lessons were strictly experimental on my end to see how the format worked for me and others, so the audio/visual quality is understandably mediocre. The positive response however has led me to pursue the formation of my own guitar school which will begin with an upgrade in the quality of these online lessons. Ideas are still being bounced around and nothing is concrete just yet, but look for new higher quality lessons soon! Adam

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