New Lo Tops!

Greetings! Coming to you from yet another hotel room. This time in Oklahoma City after a fun gig at the Prohibition Room while we get ready to perform at the OKC Festival of The Arts! We'll be on the West Lawn Stage at 11 a.m.. Ouch!

Also, for those who haven't heard, awhile back we added Sean "The Animal" Ammons on bass. We've also now added a 4th Lo Tops: Mike Paul! Mike is strumming the acoustic guitar and helping out on backing vocals.

This train is a rollin' and we're having a blast! If you haven't heard us lately, I hope you can catch a show soon and get a chance to hear our progress. We're getting stronger and better everyday.


I'll be updating the calendar soon. If you're in or around Tulsa, we'll have some fun gigs coming up including the Colony and Mayfest. Keep checking back!


Wishing everyone well!



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