Post Europe, Pre Chicago

Glad to be home from another month in Europe! What great people, places, and such generous music lovers!

Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels truly had a great time there. We are home to catch our breath before we head out this week back to Texas. Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antone, and of course The Ameripolitan Awards where we are nominated for Best Honky Tonk Band!

I think we have a real chance at taking home this award and I think we deserve it. This should be a great tour all around.

The Rhythm Review and I are super excite to be making out Chicago debut on March 3rd as well. The Big C Jamboree is a big deal in the Rockabilly/Roots world and so many great acts have performed there. It's an honor to be on that list!

Wishing everyone well!


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