Practice, practice, practice....and practice some more....

The Burning Angels' set lists run DEEP. That's a TON of material with very specific (and classic) guitar parts, so it's kept my days/evenings busy to say the least. What a great opportunity though to really dig in to some of these legendary guitar lines and work them out more or less note for note.

As a guitar geek, that's something that really floats my boat. As a hired gun so often however, time is very limited to learn every bit of every style/song you want when so much is spent learning just what you need to get through said gigs. I'm blessed that I get to not only work with a great band of great friends, but the set list reads like a who's who of classic country guitar pickin'. It's an exhausting and long process, but oh so worth it in the long run. James Burton, Roy Nichols, Pete Anderson, Don Rich, Gene Moles, and on and on....

Speaking of the Angels, this past week was AWESOME! We played a killer set at the Bluebird Theater in Denver opening for Slim Cessna's Auto Club followed by a taping of Sounds on 29 on our local PBS affiliate. Look for it to air late in April! Things are going great and getting better all the time.... Looking forward to Nashville in May! Details coming soon~

When I get a few minutes here and there, I'm back working on guitar tracks for my upcoming instrumental releases as well as The Rhythm Review album. Because The Angels are keeping so busy gigging, my recording time is limited at the moment, but thanks to my new SansAmp, I no longer have to worry about noise/time when recording in my apartment, so that helps. It's not a quick process for me to record at home generally, but just doing a bit regularly week to week helps keep the momentum/inspiration moving right along. I may release 2 instrumental tracks at a time; i.e. an "A" and "B" side.

In other news, I've also recently acquired a full Boomerang III setup from Boomerang Music in Texas. A handful of years back, I made some waves with some live looping experimentation I was doing on some guitar forums and on YouTube. Due to the constraints of the gear I had and of course time, I slowly lost interest. The new Boomerang gear however has totally re-inspired me to get back into live looping. The sound quality and flexibility is phenomenal and I plan on doing some solo guitar instrumental gigs once I get more familiar with the gear and once the instrumental album is finished. I think it will be a great way to promote the album and also be tons of fun for me to challenge myself.

In randomness, Jeff and I caught the Meat Puppets and Moistboyz show last night in Boulder at the Fox Theater. It was a great show in a great venue. I was stoked to catch up and get to hang out with my buddy Cris Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets again. Watching their set from the stage was pretty epic.

Don't forget to check out the calendar as there are a couple Angels gigs as well as a Rhythm Review show this weekend!

I am blessed. I hope everyone is well!


P.S. the live shots from the Sounds on 29 taping were taken by Lane Leazer !


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