Rhythm Review Tour Dates

I am super excited to announce that new tour dates are being confirmed. We will be rocking out in Oklahoma and Texas in late Jan/early Feb of 2015!

Also, I recently received word that we will be heading to Europe in 2015!!! This is a HUGE deal to us and we are THRILLED!

More info will be available in the near future!

We are currently brainstorming ideas to help us fund these tours, particularly our European travel expenses. In lieu of a Kickstarter campaign, we are thinking of various merchandise packages we could put together and sell direct via the website to generate support for the tour. 

In the meantime, please show your support by purchasing the new album "California Jones" at your favorite online retailer and/or merchandise that is currently available on the website. Lastly and maybe most importantly, please show your support by attending our live shows! Every little bit helps and we are grateful for any and all support!

Wishing everyone well!


p.s. Click on the album cover below to purchase via Cd Baby!



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