Spring time!

Hey all,


it's been awhile since I've updated this thing. Sorry for the lag! I've been keeping pretty busy with the Kevin Phariss Band and my teaching schedule. My trio is back on hold as I'm shuffling around potential players and trying get something that works for everyone. No hurry! I've come to the point where I'd rather be patient and create something that's exactly how I envision it instead of slapping something together and rushing.


We're still hosting the Sunday Jam @ The Cimarron Bar. 4 p.m. every week!


Look for the KPB around Tulsa and into Arkansas and Memphis come Memorial Day weekend.


Also, the new album is still under construction. Again, I want to be patient and do it up right, so of course it's taking far longer than anticipated but I really think we'll have something out there come summer !


Hope all is well,


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