The Henriksen Bud 10 and Some Classic Country Favorites

Here's some footage I found from a hotel gig in Colorado in Nov. of 2019. It was a simple background music gig but it was made extra fun because I got to demo the Henriksen Bud 10 for the whole set. Both my guitar and vocals are going the through the Bud 10 with no additional gear or effects. It's a FANTASTIC sounding amp/personal P.A. system that is relatively tiny for the sound it provides. It's not just volume, but amazing and natural vocal and guitar tone. Check them out at !!!


"Kissing My Pillow"

"Heart Over Mind"

"Cry! Cry! Cry!"

"There's Not Any Like You Left"

"I'm Not Crazy Yet"

"Women Do Funny Things To Me"


"Home Of The Blues"

"Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised"

"I Got Stripes"


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