Tour Recap Pt. Dos: The Road To Ameripolitan

We (The Rhythm Review) rolled into Denver late on Tuesday night. By early Friday morning I was loading my gear into the Burning Angels van and headed straight back to TX. 

Once again Lubbock was great. Both Bar PM and Local Bar are located right at the mouth of Texas Tech University and the streets seem to be crawling with people most nights of the week there. A Friday nighter at Local Bar = FULL HOUSE. Good times ! The only bummer was getting just a few hours of sleep before heading down to Austin. Then again, you're on the road to Austin so it can't really be all that bad  ;) It was kind of surreal to be back in Lubbock though. I'd just played there on Sunday and Monday and here it was, a Friday night, and I'm back in the same venue I was in on Monday night! Not all that strange if I lived in Lubbock, but I'd been from Lubbock to Denver and back in just a few days!

Paying dues. Always (and proudly) paying dues!

Saturday we found ourselves back at Ginny's in Austin (where I'd played the Saturday before) for a Valentine's Day show. We did our 2 hour show and then stayed on to back the next act: Margo Price ! I always love the challenges of being a sideman on gigs that are unrehearsed and where not all the musicians on stage have even met before. This was no exception. Truly fun and I must say, the Burning Angels nailed it!

Margo, like The Burning Angels, was in town (from Nashville) for the Ameripolitan Awards ceremony where she (like us) was nominated for an award.

Our Sunday show was at The Gypsy where we shared a bill with the most amazing Mandy Marie & The Cool Hand Lukes! A show with my sister is more than enough for a great day, but she also had John on guitar with her which only made it sweeter. That man is a true MASTER of the Telecaster! I will be making some time to steal some more of his licks ASAP!

In between the gigs over the weekend and the awards show on Tuesday night, we bounced around town to take in as much of the experience as possible. Being awards weekend, it meant that there was lots of friends/bands/fans in from all over the world, parties, and music showcases going on. Sunday was Chicken Shit Bingo at Ginny's with Dale Watson & His Lonestars where we went 2 & 0 as Jeff won the first round! I won last time we were there! We also got to sit in and play a couple tunes with the band! The place was absolutely packed inside and out and it was a killer experience. 

We also spent one evening at the Broken Spoke listening to Dale & The Lonestars. It was on Saturday night I believe. Our first night back in Austin. It was great to catch up with Chris and Mike B. from The Lonestars! Both are world class players and super nice cats. I'm lucky to call them friends! 

It was also great to see Dale again, although I think he forgot who I was for a minute hahaha~ 

We also took in a couple nights at the Continental Club. One for an Ameriplitan Showcase where I got to see my friend Sarah Gayle Meech perform. She's always awesome to see/hear and her band included Chris Casello on guitar ! 

The C.C. was also the site of the awards show after party where a bunch of the nominees got up and shared the stage. I got to play guitar with Sean Mencher AND Paul Pigat that night! I was in guitar heaven! Another one of those nights that I will never forget! I even got to back Wayne Hancock WITH Sean Mencher!

The Ameripolitan Awards themselves were an experience and a half! The Burning Angels walked the red carpet in our full on rhinestoned Manuel's right behind Mr. James Burton himself! We did the photo pose for the paparazzi, Casey did an interview, and into the Paramount Theater we went!

Being nominated for Best Honky Tonk Band was an absolute honor. Seeing our name on the big screen was something to remember. Wayne Hancock presenting the award prior to our category yet calling us out as the winner? Uhhhh... Talk about an emotional roller coaster haha~ 

Unfortunately we didn't win but we were there. We were nominated. We were part of it. All pretty amazing considering we are not a Texas band or as high profile as some of the other nominees. I don't think any of us needed proof that what we do is worth the time and effort we put in, but it was a nice reminder. I predict bigger and better things to keep coming our way!

The one thing that really stood out this time was all the genuinely kind people that converged on Austin for the event. I met so many new people that I can now call friends.  I also got to reconnect with friends I hadn't seen in awhile. Everyone was just so enjoyable to be around and converse with! It was a memorable experience in so many ways. A very fulfilling weekend as a musician, as a fan, and as someone who just aims to be a good person. There are so many friendly and welcoming strangers out there that are really just friends we didn't know we had yet ;)

Thank you all so much!


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