TrueLife Podcast with George Monty

Hello everyone! I wanted to share this podcast with you. It's called TrueLife and is hosted by my old friend George Monty. 

I was fortunate enough to be a guest (his first !) last weekend and wanted to share it with you here. If you're not a Spotify user, I do believe it's on other platforms such as Apple/iTunes.

I hope everyone is doing well during these trying times (we talk a lot about keeping positive right now ;) and I hope to be 'out there' making music for you all real soon. In the meantime, the new acoustic album is almost finished and I'm working on building some online content for you to enjoy as well as new merchandise.

Anyone interest in a monthly subscription to get access to all the new upcoming albums, merch, special online content, and more?

It's something being brainstormed over at headquarters at the moment...

Be well everyone! Talk soon,


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