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  1. True Love Wins

I've written a few songs in this vein. While seemingly a generic relationship/love song, it's more than that. In fact, it's primarily something OTHER than that, while also being of such a sentiment that singing it to a lover makes sense.

In reality, this is a song about loving your true self and facing your mental health in the mirror. It's also about legacy and what you're leaving to the world when you're gone. My hope is that I can leave more than just 'another' song or sentiment behind. How beautiful would it be to leave behind a legacy of true love for those who's life intersected with your own at some point in time?

Before you can truly love another however, you must face and learn to love yourself. I consider myself a work in progress and will always be so. The journey towards self realization, enlightenment, and becoming one with love, is a never ending quest. For all the things I've learned thus far in this life, I know there's still that much more to learn.

I'm a fortunate man. Through all life's ups and downs, I still have a reason to sing songs like this. I've not, and will never give up on true love. I aim to better connect with love for the sake of myself, my family, my friends (who I consider family), and my lover.

May I fully realize and recognize the beauty and love in myself, so that I can wake up each day and recognize them in you too. This song is for all of us and I hope you enjoy it and it's sentiment.



One day I'll turn to dust and become a memory.
But while I'm still here, I hope that you can see that I leave you these songs that flow through me.
For they might be all I have left to give of me.

So I tell you "I love you" with every chance.
And remind you how beautiful you are with every glance.
And I won't let my demons win.
True love will always prevail in the end.

One day you'll turn to dust and melt into me.
And we'll become one for all eternity.