1. Honest Man

From the recording Vol. 1: The Love We Were Born

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Honest Man

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A classic country/honky tonk tune inspired by the mid 50's Memphis sound. Think Johnny Cash...


A masked gunman shot my industry dead today.
Said he had the right to take it away.
It’s like an old fashioned stick-up along the highway.
Where one gang robs you to save you from another gang on their way.

I thought if I were an honest man and did the best that I can,
That I could earn my way.
So won’t you please tell me who’s fighting for the honest man today.

You do all the heavy lifting, break your back, and behave.
Only for a posse of banditos to come and claim your stake.
I shouldn’t have to kill a man to keep him in his place.
But sometimes I’m sure you can understand that I might think it anyway.