1. Suicide Doors

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Suicide Doors

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A socially conscious country blues wrapped in an Americana favorite; car metaphor...


Your foot’s on the gas pedal of my heart.
Speeding towards a cliff in a jalopy fallin’ apart.
This rust bucket can’t support us anymore.
Cruising for a breakdown on the side of the road.

And a fiery torch ain’t strong enough to repair our wounds.
We’re running out of road and steel toward impending doom.
These suicide doors are locked from the outside.
I’m trapped in here with you but you can’t drive.

The wheels are coming off and the spark plugs just won’t spark.
Our lights don’t work and daylight’s turning to dark.
We’re speeding downhill and the brakes won’t brake.
Trying to talk sense to you but it don’t take.

Your foot’s on the gas pedal of my heart.
In a jalopy that’s fallin’ apart.
The spark plugs just won’t spark.
And daylight is turning to dark.