1. Hello Stranger

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Hello Stranger

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A country blues plea to reconnect with our humanity and purpose.


Hello stranger. I come to you from the past.
Cuz we’re in danger. I fear we may not last.

Times are rough but they’ve always been.
So let’s just focus on us again.
Get back to the basics of our past and stop chasing a life too fast.

Hello stranger. You have all the tools.
When you weren’t looking, they turned on you.

The things you bought to clear a path, don’t work, don’t last, and don’t understand.
There’s smoke in the mirror of our life and you don’t recognize the man.

Well, who’ve we become since we took the reigns? 
Who’s to honor and who’s to blame?
A life no one could foresee.
Well maybe we’re just blind or maybe just weak.
(Hello stranger. We’re in danger. Smoke and mirrors. Face your fears)

Hello stranger. We’ve got work to do.
Cuz we’re in danger of repeating like fools.