From the recording DEMOS 2021

I wrote this song a few months back. It's actually a Merle Travis style guitar part (if you listen closely you can hear an acoustic guitar in the left speaker pickin' that style) but I was listening to reggae today and when I decided I wanted to cut a demo it all fell into place; Kendra requested I cut this particular tune, Bob Marley was on the radio for our Sunday Drive on a Saturday and well, here's what happened....


I’m a lover, and I’m a fighter with an unquenchable desire
To explore the wonders of your love

And I’m a teacher and I’m a seeker
But I feel my knees getting weaker
In the presence of your love

At first I held back while you were strong
But I didn’t want to be carrying on
But I saw your light when you walked in
And I never want to doubt my instincts again

And I’m a pile of contradictions
But I walk with my convictions
Yet you’ll meet me halfway to anywhere. Anytime. Without fear.